Favourite Icon - Favourite Courses?

Hi. I wonder where the menu or link is to the courses which i favouritesed ? I can favourite a course but i don’t know where to look to jump to the courses which i made favourite.

Thank you.



We are working on getting a new area on the site to display all your favourites :slight_smile:

Ok. That sounds good. Improvement. :clap:

Still no way to see a list of the favourites courses :frowning:

Yes. I don’t understand this. Such a technical afford ?

apologies, we do have this new section coming - its just taking a bit of time!
will have an update on this in the next couple weeks

I couldn’t find a link either but tried typing in Sign Up and it seemed to work. This should really be available from the account screen and in the tutorials menu though.

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Hi @Ben_Morgan this feature is currently being worked on and should be live and ready to use very soon.

Cool. Thanks, Chris.

Is it here yet? I was feeling kind of frustrated that I couldn’t find the course I’d marked as a favourite anywhere.

Am I also being a bit daft in that I can’t even find a recently viewed section in order to carry on where I left off?

This feature was requested well over a year ago

Guess these things take time

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Hey @trinode
For your favorites courses you can use this link meanwhile ( once you’re logged into your account )

As for the tutorial section recall feature, this actually works and you should have a “Resume Watching” popup on the bottom right page when you log in back into Sonic Academy website asking you if you would like to play back the latest video you were watching. Please note that this feature is web browser & temp files based, so if you clean up your browser cache or use cleaning apps or tools before log-in again, it will be gone.

Next to this temporary feature, you also have the “watched” icon ( white eye vs greyed ) that is permanent to let you know which videos you’ve been already through.

Hope this helps
Cheers !

From a web dev perspective, It should be easy exceedingly easy to put a favourites link somewhere on the site since the page is already there, just to make things easier for people. That could be anywhere, in the header, in the user’s profile, or in the courses drop down, just as a stopgap until it can be built how you want, considering it was there in Apr 17 and there’s still not a place that links to it yet (not having a go, just saying a small link somewhere make life easier for people to discover that feature which would save them time and be a better experience).

Re the recently watched, it would be awesome if that could show the last viewed video from the last few courses I’ve watched, I tend to get bored if I watch a single course the whole way through (even in multiple sessions) so I usually do a bit of one, then another, then return to the first, then the second.

Like this example from another site:-

I can sort by recently access, just showing favourited courses, and the third filter can show only courses that are in progress, not started, or completed. This allows me to look and instantly find “that course I was doing last week”


all of what you mentioned above is coming - its just been a bigger job that we thought!
hoping to get it out before the end of the month :ok_hand:

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Any update on this ? Maybe I’m blind but I still don’t see a way to access favourites unless you know the link

I’ve heard about a site refresh that should fix this and add some other features but I really don’t know when it’s going to be launched. So finger crossed, it should come :wink:

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Any update on this?
I know there is a link that you can type in but its really frustrating that you cant even favourite a video, only a course, if I want to keep track that video 3 in course X is really good I can only favourite the full course.

Im currently keeping a text file of favourite videos but this should be a feature that the site has by now.

this thread was opened in April 2017, its now April 2019, thats 2 years

Hey there @atmd

I know it might seem a long time request but yes, there’s still some work in progress and new site features should come, luckily before summer, just bear in mind that S.A Dev is a small team and that making changes on their web site with so much existing content is not something easy and IMO it’s better that they have everything working smoothly instead of making some temporary little tweaks :wink:

It would also be nice for us to make our own playlists. Now that the number of tutorials has grown quite large, (which is a good thing) it is getting difficult to navigate and manage the content to match our personal tastes.

Hi Cliff, we have the ability to build personal playlist coming in the next few months !