How To Make - 90s House in Ableton Live / 372

 In this Course we take a silver DMC DeLorean with a MK2 flux capacitor and some garbage to power us back to the 90s. House music of the time was under going a massive explosion with the release of a new bread of sample based affordable synths. The Korg M1, Roland D50 and Yamaha SY77 all made a big splash with their new mega powerful sound. We take a look at the £30 plugin version of arguably the most popular one of them all the M1, what made it so special and is it any use today.

Fantastic Tutorial, really well done.

The only thing i didn&#039t agree with was the compression on the string parts, i found it fatiguing to the ears, especially for this type of tune.

Love it! Simply amazing!

Nice tutorial, however 21 missing samples in the provided Live set. Sloppy.

Paying customers deserve better.

Good to see you have not lost your roots . That was right up my street . Very good melody . Would love to hear it out in a club on a good sound system . Nice work Phil .

Excellent! Only one small problem: tutorials 11 and 12 are the wrong way round. Would have been nice to have used cleared vocal samples in the download, although I guess hunting out your own samples is a better learning exercise.


Great track !

Sound in video 13 e 14 very poor

Best course track. I love 90s!

Super !! u need to be a teacher ! ;)

I love the track-also-enjoying all of sonic academies videos they're great-learning somuch

this is great as always. love your work Phil :slight_smile:

love the m1

Really liked this course. Great stuff for a beginning house producer like me. Next time I’ll write some melody I will def use the scale!

I love this tutorial, wish the vocals were available. Any more coming up?

this track sounds really great. looking for a tutorial like this for some time. glad i found it here!

Hi there! Great course, but the mix is not checked how translates to mono. I’m using Korg M1 and I know that many presets sound great in stereo but when switch to mono they just ruin the mix. Any tips how to make a wide sound compatible to mono? Thanks.

Hi there @StefanA

Honestly I think that full Mono compatibility is less relevant than in the past when most of the clubs PA were only mono, it was something that producers had to pay attention to when preparing their tracks for club, it’s less important now.

It’s enough to retain a certain amount of low frequency, especially for kick & bass, you can do that with a Utility tool inside Live, using Eq in Mid/Side can also help.

When it comes to the Korg M1 sounds & presets ( and many other soft-synths ), one thing to check is the effects & processing used directly inside the plugin. If you completely disable effects like reverb, chorus…etc inside the plugin, you’ll end up with a much more solid & mono compatible sound. The counterpart will be that it will also sound quite thin in the mix. One technique is then to send the synth channel output to a return channel & process it with your own effects, or simply copying the track and layering the unprocessed sound channel with a processed one with your own effects and then blending them together to taste.

Hi there! Thank you very much for your reply! I’m really happy that I finally found a website when you can get very useful information and courses about music production.

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