How To Make - Dubstep / Popstep with Gigi Barocco / 315

Gigi Barocco is no newcomer to the music world remixing for artists such as Benny Benassi, LMFAO & P!NK and featuring on Ultra Records, Ministry Of Sound & Universal to name just a few. 


Again Sonic Academy have teamed up with Gigi to bring you another full 2 Hour 'How To Make' course this time showing you how to create a Dubstep  / Pop crossover made popular by the likes of Nero. Gigi gives us a total breakdown on how to create his mix of Whigfield 'Jeg Kommer Hjem'. 


Please note - The course resources do not include the Acapella featured in this track due to licensing restrictions.  

Please Also Note - this is an Artist Series course, and as such there may quite a few 3rd party plugins used during the creation process



Sounds sick, will check it out when i get some time!

When i click on the lead & pad video it jumps straight onto the making the drums video?????

Hi PaulRyan - have fixed this issue !

Awesome tutorial. Fun following along with this guy.

Very, Very Good! Watch a pro producer in action! Oh...did I say Very Good? Watch this tutorial!

Great Tutorial, Its really entertaining all the time like the last video. Cheers.

Trying to follow this tutorial on Logic Pro X and it&#039s a lot different:( getting stuck on the first video, the bit about about &#039bus 1&#039. Could you make a tutorial for Logic Pro X?

amazing tutorial! i simply love the way Gigi works! But as the last time i think its a shame that the acapella is not available. it would really give it the last edge to be able to use it. And least but not last its nice to see an acapella from my home Denmark! :D

i can´t download the files

why is it allways gigi dont give us the presets og show us how he made them? :( ........

hey, anyone know what Tube Saturator Gigi is using (for bass parts)? thx

@Thomasbow if you download the project and open it you have all the presets + all settings for his FX chain

@Lonewolf i tryed that, but all the settings i massive was jsut init. ? :(

@Thomas Bow - you perhaps need to update your copy of MASSIVE?

Great tutorial, too bad it&#039s nearly impossible to reengineer this in Ableton live. No access to presets, layers etc.

Where&#039s the acapella-file?

We need the Massive presets!!!

Great tutorial. Killer song. If we download the resources folder, should the Massive presets be included? I don&#039t see them. When I open the logic project, should each copy of Massive be set to the correct preset? My copies of Massive just show &#034Untitled Sound&#034 for each channel. Do I need a newer version of Massive? The most important part of this tutorial is learning how to make those sounds. Please help me figure this out!

Gigi your the man!