How To Make - Future Disco House in Logic Pro X / 279

Join Chris Agnelli as he presents the first of a trio of courses using our "Hero" vocals. This one is in Logic Pro X and in a Future / Disco / House style - think, 80's cop sent from the future, back in time.. in a spaceship.


We show you step by step how to get the best from the downloadable vocal, create slammin beats and basslines, to deep sound design using ANA for the all important saw pads and synth plucks.


You get full access to the entire project including all samples / vocals and resources required to complete the course if you wish to follow along.



Hell Yeaaaaaaaaah!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Well done, Chris! Love love LOVE the bassline

Where can we get the kick if we don't have the plugin?

Thanks dude, glad you liked it


If you have any questions on the the course, just hit me up here and I will do my best to answer them.

Did you switched from UAD to WAVES? You have been using a WAVES LA2A instead from the one of the UAD Platform, you used before. Any particular reason?

Chris recorded this course in a different studio. which doesnt have the UAD hardware. They are pretty close anyway.

Thy probably are. Thought, there might be some other reasons. Thanks for the answer Phil!

btw. the combination of vocals, bass and especially the plugged guitar is great in this track!

Very cool track, I am loving this tutorial. I do have a dumb question, however. What defines "future house"?

It's just a name really... We have so many courses that we can't just put House or Electro. This one has a 80s scifi movie vibe to it I guess which is where the future bit comes in.

this tutorial made me become a subscriber! thank you!

So happy you liked, welcome to the family. Any questions on the course, hit us up here and we will try and answer. Enjoy!

Excellent track gents. Glad to be a subscriber for over a year now.

Just Amazing!

Chris, I watched the whole tut now for a run-thru - and it's great. I work in presonus studio one, and I think your logic workflow translates well to studio one, as it did on your complextro tut... i'll figure out work arounds for where you use logic's built-in synths...

Chris, your humor really makes these tutorials... your little asides are very funny... "80's disco workout track..." ha ha - yes, you really captured the Moroder/80's sound on this - this track could easily be some sort of lost track from the Flashdance soundtrack - it reminds me too of Blondie. Thanks so much. You're very diplomatic too - "the snap behavior has definitely *changed* in Logic Pro X" - and the bane that is the classic brass! ha ha! thanks for being informative while serving up the laughs! cheers!

Chris, will you maybe do a string machine tech tip - for non-Logic users as you hinted midway thru around tutorial 9 or so... no pressure... or if you'd suggest something - I know loomer string is pretty good...