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Lo-Fi Hip Hop with Misc.Inc

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Sonic Academy is proud to welcome brand new tutor Misc.Inc this week for an all-new ‘How To Make’ course creating a super chilled Lo-Fi Hip Hop track.

Based in Dresden, Misc.Inc specialises in formulating compelling chill Lo-Fi Hip Hop and downtempo electronica creations and has racked up over 20 million plays on Spotify.

In this 16 part tutorial Marc shares some awesome tips and tricks in Ableton that’ll help you create your own unique chilled chord progressions, smooth laid back melodies, and organic sounding beats - all with a dusty lo-fi vibe.

Taking you all the way through from a blank template to mixing and mastering this course has everything you need to build your very own late-night groove so sit back, relax and enjoy!

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Great Course !

Great course & production techniques!

I really liked this course! There were a couple of work flow tips that I’ll definitely add to my own productions. Saving the scales as clips is the biggest one!
Now I’d like to see a follow-up that covers EDM!

brilliant course thanks - putting all the eps on 1 macro good tip ( shame there isn’t a telephone plugin as im on logic )and the reverse sample tip -nice track :slight_smile:

a cool course, step by step, with good tips and trick and a philosophical approach to music creation.

from the beginning to the confirmed professional, a breath of fresh air!

I’m already looking forward to watching his next tutorial course.

Great stuff!

Amazing course, thanks! Normally not my kind of genre but it certainly helped me get out my comfort zone and start working on my tracks. Especially the the message at the end in the mixing chapter was really encouraging for someone who has a huge fear of finishing something past a 8 bar loop. Excellent course and would recommend this to anyone who really want to get out their comfort zone.

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Súper good and helpful thank u​:pray:t3::fire::white_check_mark:

Great Tuitoral

Hey, great tutorial! So much to remember, but your track is sounding so good right now.

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Hey Marc, This course was awesome! I love this genre of music, and your track is so dope!:slight_smile: I learned so much about how to create the sounds and tones required for this genre and recreated the track but tried to make it my own by creating and using my own samples. I would highly recommend this course to anyone, even if it is outside their comfort zone. Personally I found it easy to follow, and perfect for someone like me who is a beginner to intermediate level in music production and using Ableton Live. Looking forward to your next video tutorial…Great work!

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this course was fantastic. i’m so pleased with the track I wrote.

thanks for free trial

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nicely done!

Where was it that you got the sax samples from?

I’m more a listener when it comes to that genre so I was curious to watch this tutorial. It’s a great course, very well structured and explained. There’s load of great tips and advanced techniques inside Ableton and everything is done inside the box. You can also feel Marc’s passion for this music while crafting this cool & pleasant track. Must watched if you are into this genre, very insightful tutorial and perfect use of Live’s instruments and effects from sound design to finished “LoFI” sounding material as well as wise & encouraging words and comments from the tutor. Nice one, thanks :wink:

Half way through and really enjoying. Easy to follow and showing great techniques

beautiful tutorial all the way through and inspirational towards the end, really inspired me to keep going and just keep pushing towards my unfinished tracks.

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