How to make mainroom house / melodic house


There’re some electro & tipical house sound tutorials but nothing about this great genere. Here some examples:


+1 for this!!!



Learn scales, these are eazy…




Hang about - you’re not even a subscriber, what use is this to you having these tutorials created?!

wtf is Main Room House,Jacking House ETC,?? is just House Music lol

I think his probs refering to Big Room house, hands in the air type music im guessing.

Just search on youtube for Avicii or Swedish House Mafia, thats mainroom/arena house.


New example of big room house :smiley: Tipical elements as amazing piano sound + supersaw chords & fantastic vocals

+1 Avicii synths even as a tech type would be brilliant. Also the classic House Piano from Pjanoo and N-Joi anthem would be good.

I have heard the M1 is the popular synth for these but I think its the FX that is the difficult part to recreate.

really feeling that track you just put up, love that type of stuff, only question is, what chords are generally used in this type of music, most of the time i know they are major, but are they 7ths, 9ths, 11ths, or even suspended or any other chordsa? just on how to do the epic chords would be awesome

This is good idea for that tutorial. ! +1

i had a question about these tracks, what type of reverb is needed on the leads to get them to stand out yet still have lots of reverb on them so that in a big room they sound awesome? cheers for any hints

I can’t wait for this type tutorial ! Sonic Academy please do for us this kind of tutorial !!