How To Make - Progressive House with Echo Sound Works / 225

Sonic Academy proudly presents one of our most in depth courses to date. Welcome to 'How To Make Progressive House 2015 with Echo Sound Works'.


Taking apart this stadium filling genre, 'Echo Sound Works' expertly guides you through every nuance and twist in what is the world's most popular sound today. Right from the first video where he crafts the chords, he goes into enormous detail on every aspect of this sound showing you how to achieve a world class production standard.


Drop programming, transition effects, chords and melody writing, drop variations, mixing and finally ending with 3 massive sound design videos - this course has it all, and it's all exclusive right here on Sonic Academy.



Seems like quite the promising tutorial! However, there seems to be an issue with the resources file included. I tried on a few different computers to open the .zip file, it seems to only open partially giving an error on some of the folders in the file. If anyone else can confirm this issue it would be quite helpful. Other than that, lets see where this new tutorial takes us!


One of the best tutorials I've seen so far on Sonic Academy. Excellent and detailed explanations and a great sounding track. Thumbs up! More of these...

How do we create the electric guitar sound featured in video three?

There is an audio version in the downloads, I have also asked Echo Sound Works to send me over the preset. Email me and I will send it to you once I receive it.

Totally one of the best tutorials yet.

Wonderful tutorial. About Sylenth, there is a 64-bit version now, so 32 Lives is no longer needed. It rocks.

soo good. learned so much from this. I need to work on my key commands more haha. 5*

soo good. learned so much from this. I need to work more on my key commands haha. 5*

Thanks Thomas, I knew this course would go down well, its really great

Glad you liked it and learned from it. Key commands really speed up your workflow in LPX

Hey Rudd, you are right, this was recorded just before the 64-Bit Sylenth was released.

hi chris

I bought the course

a question how do I get to the guitar sound from VST serum?

greetings from Germany

I have now included the 'SYN Electric Fuzztar' massive preset in the download, should you need it

Great work, Chris!

Another great tutorial from Echo Sound Works... I'm quite new to producing but thanks to Sonic Academy I've learned so much in such a short space of time!

This is my first comment on SA so just to check etiquette... Is it permissible to post a link to a track I produced whilst watching this tutorial? I'd like to share it with fellow producers but not in a shameless plug kind of way so please let me know.

Thanks again guys... More like this please! :)

Hello Jon,
I for one, would love to hear what you accomplished from this tutorial. I am also currently working on a track myself based on what is taught here. Would love to hear what others have gotten out of following this tutorial. And also for the record, I have seen links posted with finished tracks on other tutorials on the site.

Please do post your results, we will always listen when we can (not always possible, but we do try our hardest to listen) Would be great for the community to give HELPFUL feedback also. Sonic has always beed a very friendly supportive environment for producers - we really want to keep it that way!

Hi Yuri,

Thanks for your response. How is your track coming along? Post the link when it's ready. Would love to hear it! Here is a link to my project on Soundcloud... A bit cheesy but it was based on an original pop song so what can we do hey? :)

Would love some feedback from you or anyone else reading this.

Thanks again,


Hi Chris... Just to say a quick thanks to you for your message and your tutorials. You are right that Sonic Academy is friendly and supportive towards us bedroom producers. If you do get a few spare mins, I posted the link to my track in my reply to Yuri. Cheers