How To Make - Progressive House with Jaytech / 520

excellent tutorial

one day at work good track

This is cool! how do you get the stems?

they are in the “course resources” area !

Nice video !

Got a question…

I’m watching this emulating in Logic Pro X. I’m curious why in Tutorial 03 around 1 minute in, Jaytech says our track is in G so i’ll put a G in here…but when he puts in a single MIDI note in you can hear and later on see on the ANA keyboard that it’s hitting the CHORD G, not just the single key note G. Is Ableton doing this? or ANA? And how do I get Logic / ANA to behave the same way?


it is most likely the preset he is using in ANA - there is a Chord learn function that allows you to play single note chords - and will work in any DAW

In tutorial 2, Jaytech uses a phaser inside of ANA for the support bass. How can I recreate the same kind of “moving” up and down phasery sound with Ableton 9 phaser? With automation of some parameter or is it just the setting of the phaser. Tried to get a similar movement by random tweaking but with little success. Thanks!

you should be able to just copy the same settings on display in ANA and use the Ableton Live Phaser - they will be doing the same thing essentially!

Thanks! Should have thought of that :slight_smile:

Great tutorial from “The Mighty Jaytech”. I have been working on a track for the past few weeks. I watched this tutorial and now I realize that I need to dismantle the track and rebuild it. Jaytech’s workflow is very surprising. It is fearless. He knows exactly what he wants to do and is fully confident that the result will be great. If I were to guess, I would say that he has probably produced upwards of 500 tracks in his career. I deliver gasoline for a living. I estimate that I’ve delivered approximately 14,000 loads, to hundreds of different gas stations. I have been doing it for 19 years. The point is, when you see a true professional at work, it’s a real eyeopener! There’s no hesitation in my workflow when I deliver gas. Nothing phases me or slows me down. I’ve seen it all. This is what I realized when I watched this course. It was a real slap upside the head. I now resolve to quit the paralysis by analysis. The only way to truly get good is to finish tracks, hone my skills to such a degree that my workflow becomes second nature. Fearless!

This is an amazing course and it is hands down the best that Sonic Academy has ever released. I’m a Logic user and I’m saying this. (Jaytech works in Ableton) Thank you Jaytech and Sonic Academy.

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Great course.
Thank you very nuch

Nice course !

Really informative!

Great course! Jimbo is one of the best instructors I have encountered to date.

Jaytech always delivers!

Great song, I feel like I want to play Unreal Tournament or smth to this tune, it has this UT vibe :slight_smile:

Good course very intuitive

good course

learned lots… but i dont think its for beginners