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Sonic Academy is proud to kick off 2015 with an almighty bang. We welcome Rob ‘Activa’ Stevenson to take charge in this unprecedented look at ‘How To Make Psy Trance’.


With a continuous string of hits for the likes Vandit, Blackhole, Armada and Anjunabeats, Activa has been a mainstay in most DJ record boxes since he exploded onto the scene back in 2004. As a DJ, Rob has graced many famous DJ booths across the globe including Tomorrowland, Godskitchen, Home Sydney and Circus in LA.


Lately he can be found heading up the A&R at Discover records. So sit back and enjoy this masterclass in psy trance from a world class psy trance producer - Ladies and Gentleman…Activa Listen my mix and you see what uplifting psy and melodic trance is

Tittle is misleading, this is not Psytrance but more Trance 2.0, the breakdown is too much uplifting.
I have been waiting so long for a HTM Psytrance and I am totally disappointed: I was expecting squelch, driving bass line with a triplet change, a good tuto on the relation of the bass and kick in Psytrance and none of this is in the tuto.

Hi Dj-Ansy Asota, had a listen through your mix - good work, but to me it certainly isnt Psy trance. Its trance alright, at the more bangin end with artist such as Jorn Van DeynHoven, Sneijder, Aly & Fila - Will give Simon Patterson !! Its all a personal taste thing, look at how beatport labels its genre.

I have to disagree with you Mime, it is certainly at the progressive end of psy trance but Activa is one of the main proponents of this genre, and I feel it certainly is psy trance (He does state at the start its at the slower proggyer end) - but as I said below its all a personal opinion. Sorry you have been disappointed, I thought it was a great course that cover ALOT of ground, taught by a producer that has been play by every elite DJ for the past 10 years.

Yes i now Mixes and original is 2 thinks , and ppl, all composer need a little help , many are musican and many lern many self ! the point is and time come you need help my sound and wave and plug in !
My tips is look video look artist and make your one style , and i see many bootleg mixer and mashup , i will found a artist he like my original sound and will works together
and this is what i like to found and Songs make it Armada like ty happy weekend

Really helpful tutorial. Covered a lot of ground and was very clear. Thanks very much.

Great Tutorial with some amazing 'wow' moments - thank you :)

Rob Stevenson is my favorite producer. I respected to him.

Dont get me wrong I didn't judge the quality of the course content but the SA tittle against my exceptions.
I totally respect the artist, his work and agree with you that yes he has Psytrance production and mixes, but in this instance I cannot hear the "Progressive Psytrance sounds I mentioned in my previous post and Activa himself says it's "uplifting" not "prog".
Boundaries are becoming blur between genres and everyone has is own perception of genres I guess that's why we disagree.
So now I just hope you will have a guest in the style of Egorythmia, Ace Ventura, Zenmechanics...

So nice! I feel privileged to be learning from such great respected artists like Activa! 4 hours worth a million more than the subscription I pay :) Watching this tutorial might not mean so much for folks with maybe more knowledge, or maybe better skills to judge title versus content delivered ... ;). But musically speaking, it delivers , and well, what it promises.
Thanks Activa, thanks Chris, keep on guys, Sonic Academy Rocks!

Dear user's! 🌞
I want to ask you, how can I to watch this tutorials in full version or download ? 😉

Yes really great i need little helps 2 is my 1 time by logic pro all is new , i am lern hurry many future little bit not we FL studio , wave and all tune better , i will all selfs lern and after i can say yes i need no helps i found all steps , i have same all lern by compose by FL studio now i am profi by FL studio ! what i am really need cool Video to lern over simple step by steps by Logic pro many teacher thinks she a the king and i thinks all start same step by step and please keep clam and please make video for simple to understunds ty happy weekend

Hi, RaMiNio, if you have a paid subscription, you have full access to all lessons above :) , if you dont have one, it is just about time you do, I recommend it! :)

Evando, I don't. have a paid subscription, I am first time here and I really want to see all parts of this tutorials.

Hey RAMiNiO, if you have a subscription, you should see all the parts to this tutorial at the top of this page. Also you can click on the 'Files & Resources" tab to download all the project files that go with this course - you need Logic pro 9 or X (10) to load the song up. You can still follow along in another DAW, say Ableton, as you get the samples, but you might need some more experience to do that.

Dear Chris :)
I do not have a paid subscription to these tutorials.
I'm working on Logic 9 and really want to fully.

Hi, you need to be a subscriber to watch all of the tutorials on our site. You can see our subscription plans here then -

I'm getting "This video is unavailable" - but I am logged in, have a valid silver membership.

Update: THis was only in Chrome on my Mac, works fine in Firefox.

Hi John - can you mail us at if the problem persists