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Tech Trance in Studio One 4

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This week Sonic Academy proudly welcomes back Swedish born 138 Trance legend Bjorn Akesson for a brand new course in How To Make Tech Trance.
We’re also excited as for the first time here at Sonic Academy this awesome monster of a track is created in Presonus Studio One.

Bjorn builds this entirely new tune from the ground up starting with a blank slate firstly creating the drums before moving on to the layered sub and mid bass. We then arrange the basic layout to give the foundation of the track before adding effects, creating the drop and main theme, adding atmosphere, along with a dope acid line and stabs. Throughout this course we check out Bjorn’s easy-to-follow, methodical approach to workflow and organisation along with his clever use of automation lines to create tension and move through the transitions of the breakdown and drop.

The end result is a 138 Tech Trance track worthy of any club that’s guaranteed to get your heart racing!

And don’t worry if you don’t use Studio One, this course and the resources included are designed to be followed and used in any DAW so what are you waiting for?

Go check it out and learn from a true Trance master!

Thanks SA! Finally a S1 tutorial! Although it wasn’t really difficult to follow other tutorials.


Yes! Trance + Studio One! Consider my subscription renewed!

yay!! finally a video on tech trance

Workflow tip: I see Bjorn right-clicking and selecting tools quite a bit. Keyboard (number) shortcuts work great: 1 for Select Tool, 2 for Range Tool, 3 for Split Tool, 4 for Erase, 5 for Paint, etc (you can see the shortcut if you hover your mouse over the tool in the toolbar). Much Faster! Works in Edit Window the same way too!

Bjorn’s tutorials are so good. Please keep Bjorn Akesson as your RESIDENT :slight_smile:

amazing tutorial! bjorn is probably the best teacher no offense because its so easy to follow along.

Yes !!! Finally a Studio One course!!!

The UFX2-Fills-06 sample used in Tutorial 8 seems to be missing from the samples download?

Hey again @jiandrews

Hmm… Actually you’re right, I better understand what you mean when trying to open up the full S1 Project in S1- 4, the original file that belongs to the Sonic Academy UFX2 Library/ UFX 2 - Fills named UFX 2 - Fills-06.aif was not saved in the samples folder with the project and should be added.

To avoid the hassle & since I own the S.A UFX 2 Library here is the original file, just download/unzip and move it to the samples folder you previously downloaded.

UFX 2 - (472.2 KB)

Thank you SO much for an amazing course. I use Studio One 4 for mixing and mastering and recording. I use Ableton for music production and this course has shown me what is possible!

Thank you very much for the tutorial. Trance is not a genre I normally partake in, but I did enjoy and learned so much about using Studio One. I didn’t have the Synths used, which I think was good for me because it forced me to learn about Mai Tai (Studio One) synth to try and duplicate the sounds. I now wan’t to look at the other 138 Trance tutorial you did (I think using Cubase):slight_smile:

Hey @Mark_K1 if you’re interested in some related genre courses with Cubase, you might want to have a look at the Protoculture tutorials perhaps.

Studio One is beast! Please more S1 tutorials!

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Hey @jiandrews the samples download has now been updated to include the missing sample UFX2-Fills-06. Hope this helps!


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Great tutorial , took a lot from this . love the acid stereo trick with 'doubler !!

cool, in my favorite daw

Very good tutor Bjorn

Thanks for this really great course… Have learned a lot…