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Techno 2014 with Steve Ward

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New for 2014, we move into the darker Techno style sound with this weeks Artist Series course presented by STEVE WARD. Steve has collaborated on projects with many A-list artists the likes of Carl Cox, Dj Pierre, Tim Taylor, Technasia, Psycatron, Peter Horrevorts & Jamie Stevens as well as hosting one of the most successful weekly radio shows on Australia's Kiss Fm.

In the next 5 hours + Steve takes us through, from start to finish, how to create a Techno track in his own unique style. Check out the Playthrough video to listen to the final song.


Please Also Note - this is an Artist Series course, and as such there may quite a few 3rd party plugins used during the creation process

Very nice!

Only tutorial 1 is working?

can you check again? perhaps with a different browser

Hi Bry. Doesn't work on safari or chrome for iPad. Will check on my mac later.

which ipad version are you using?

IOS7. Just updated to 7.1 and still unable to view any vids after tut 1

Sorry I mean which iPad . iPad 1 / 2 etc

iPad with Retina display

Will have to check it out in a bit more detail as to what's going on there . I have only an iPhone at the minute to test . And it's working . Have you tried your mac yet

Works fine on Mac. How strange! Thanks for your help, I'll just stick to this method of watching.

Just caught up to the The bass video and it isn't working...

so good!!

Whoops- only intro is working for me

On desktop ?

What is you system?

hey guys - seems to be an intermittent issue watching these on iOS tablets and phones at the minute - seems to be working fine on desktops

*update* - All issues with video playback appear to be fixed - iOS streams back up too

I started watching it on my Imac I7 and just checked again... still not working. But it is on my macbookpro... weird thing is I'm using chrome for both.

maybe a cache problem - try emptying cache on your imac / rebooting - Also make sure you aren't signed in on both devices - You will be signed out of one of them and it automatically will not work

Going to try this now. But honestly it's not a big deal at this point. I'm going to continue watching on my macbook. Thanks Bryan!