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Trance ASOT Style with James Dymond

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It’s Takeover Time again here at Sonic Academy! We have listened to your requests, and this time, we are bringing you all things Trance!

For the first of three massive ‘How To Make’ courses we are kicking things off in style by welcoming back the brilliant James Dymond for a 4 hour epic course in FL Studio where he creates a classic Future Sound Of Egypt / A State Of Trance style track from start to finish.

James’ courses have always been super popular here at Sonic, and this one raises the bar yet again, filled with pro tips and tricks and covering everything from nailing your kick and bass, creating atmospheres and FX, layering plucks, leads, pads, and vocal processing before diving into arranging, mixing and mastering.

The final result is an epic Trance anthem that captures the classic uplifting sound that helped define this genre.

Check out his Spotify playlist here

But that’s not all…!

To celebrate this event we’re hosting another Remix Competition where you can use your newfound skills and make your very own version of this track with some incredible and exclusive prizes up for grabs!

Find out more by clicking on the ‘REMIX COMPETITION’ tab above!

Contest Ends 12/10/2023 - 23:59 PT

Great Course :slight_smile:

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Great Course. I’m halfway through and learned a lot already. Very clear instructions. Thanks so much for sharing.

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Great Course!

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Just found a odd error in the FL studio file Structure part 2.fpl , seems like the Ana 2 plugin is causing the whole project to mute when BD Sub starts, replaced ANA with Spire and everything is working normaly.


I also have a problem with ANA 2 in "FL Studio file Structure part 2. for some reason fl cant find Ana 2. vst 3.
But it finds Ana 2 64bit.

When I look into my plugin folder I can se the vst 3 there. Still it cant find the vst 3 hehe.
Any tip for this?

Great course, given me some new ideas to work on

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What preset packs to the presets for e.g. the Bass come from?

@Chalisque Could you please provide the exact preset name you’re after or point us to a video number/title and exact time frame where the preset name is visible ? Thanks :wink:

Hi again @Chalisque

I have now checked all ANA 2 channels from the FL Studio Project file in the course resources and except for the Acid 1Access Acid” & Acid 2Bubbly Acid” presets which are from the Factory Library, all other ANA 2 presets used in this project are from the new Trance Takeover pack.

You’ll find this new pack here : ANA 2 Presets - Trance

Hope this helps !

Cheers :sunglasses:

@Vega2k Assuming you’re trying to open this project on a Mac, here’s the issue and workaround.

This FL Studio project was created on Windows and there’s a plugin file names difference between Windows and Mac OS. Seems that FL studio is using the installed file names rather than the Plugin ID to identify plugins, thus leading to the “missing plugin” issue :confused:

On Windows the VST 2 file is installed as ANA 2 x64.dll and the VST 3 as ANA 2 x64.VST3 whereas on Mac OS it’s respectively ANA 2.VST and ANA 2.VST3

You need to temporarily rename your VST 3 plugin to ANA 2 x64.VST3

Default installation path is Macintosh HD/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3

You might want to do the same with KICK 2 if you own the plugin as well.

No need to rename the VST 2 plugins since this FL project is only using the VST 3 ( make sure the VST 3 plugins are installed !! ).

You’ll be able to open the Project and it will correctly open all ANA 2 channels after this :+1:

01-Missing x64 Plugins

02-Renaming VST3 Plugins

03-No Error after renaming plugins

Hope this helps !

Cheers :sunglasses:

Thanks for answer :slight_smile:

No I m using windows, and I havent figured it out yet. I dont have Kick 2 yet but I m getting it.
I really have no clue on how to fix it.

Needs further troubleshooting then.

Just sent you a message via private chat :wink:

i have solved the issue :slight_smile:

What was it please ?? :thinking: :face_with_monocle:

It was installed in the wrong folder I believe, I have made my own folder where I install my plugins. But this ANA 2 64.vst3 needed to be installed where it wanted me to install it. I have always changed the path for this to the one I made.

But for somereason FL dident find it then, only the ANA 2 64 vst.
Now ANA 2 64.vst 3 is working. Only got problem with the bassline in the FLP. These are muted now, idk why but it bugs the project.

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Thanks for your update on this :wink:

The path where from FL is searching for plugins ( in FL Plugin Manager Settings ) needs to match your VST 3 installation path indeed, you can add/remove custom paths in FL Plugin Manager settings ).

Anyway, happy to read this is now resolved on your end :+1:

Haven’t checked this yet, could be on purpose that some tracks are muted and the state of the FL project when it was saved.

A thought regarding the Acid and automation: Macro 1 is assigned to the master cutoff frequency. If you put it follow counterclockwise, and set the master cutoff to the minimum you want it to be, and then turn the macro 1 fully clockwise
and then adjust the amount in the mod matrix to be the maximum, then you get better control in the automation clip: rather
than confining yourself to the bottom 10% of the clip, you can use all of it.

Superb tutorial again from JD. Love the ‘straight to the point’ feel to the tutorial which simplifies almost every element.

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@ChrisOgden Thanks Chris, I’m glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile: