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Trap with DISKORD

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This week Sonic Academy is super excited to present our latest tutorial How To Make Trap with brand new tutor James - one half of Circus Record’s Bristol based duo DISKORD.

Alongside support from label founder, Flux Pavilion, DISKORD has received acclaim for their sound from key industry influencers Antiserum, Adventure Club, Krewella, Datsik, Skism, and dance music ‘rookie MVP’, DJ Brillz.

In this intricately detailed yet highly approachable tutorial, James reveals the methods in creating DISKORD’s Trap style. From building the simple but effective beat on a blank canvas, right through to mixing and mastering the track, this tutorial will take you step-by-step through the process of creating your own monster Trap sound - not forgetting how to make that genre defining 808 sub!
Predominantly using Ableton’s stock plugins, James also shows us that this DAW is more than capable of competing with those who have a huge arsenal of plugins at their disposal, creating sick growls, wicked ass breakdowns, phat as you like buildups, before slammin in with one of the best drops ever created in a tutorial.

With its ever growing momentum through the sub-genres of dance music culture, the Trap music movement is currently having a major impact on the dance music scene today due to its increasing viral popularity and has truly gone mainstream.

This How To Make tutorial’s going to help you get on that same platform and be part of this genre’s success!

Enjoy and create!

This is the best music making tutorial on Sonic Academy by far. Well worth the subscription price. I enjoyed it.

IF YOUR ON THE FENCE, LET ME MAKE IT EASY FOR YOU. BUY BUY BUY BUY! LOL I consider myself a more advanced producer AND I still learned a lot of cool techniques from these guys. Thanks for sharing when you really don’t have to! Much appreciated… Ps. I’ve been resisting for so many years to write a song with my mastering chain on and now you guys have given me the courage to do so. Cheers!

Hi guys

i would like to thank you guys for this awesome tutorial .
really helpful , but i’m a stuck at Tutorial 07 - Vocal Chop Main Hook …
are the vocals somewhere available please ?
can’t go further without it :frowning: .

Download the resources just above .

Hi and thank you!

Made this: SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds with your help. I’ve been listening your music for a long time and it was very nice to see your tutorial released here in sonic academy.

I know its a bit different but since you asked to hear what is the end result after your tutorial here’s mine. You were the inspiration all the way from the beginning.

Greetings from Finland!

hi Devin

thanks for answering

i did it but those aren’t the same vocals . or not completely

Check Out “How to make house in 2014 in live 9 ,” the full vocals are in there.

They should be the vocals - they are taken from a vocal we had especially commissioned for courses.

Great tutorial, thx!

I really like the color theme of your abelton live. Is it possible to download it from anywhere?

Great tutorial. Ditto on the Ableton skin, if you could point us at a downlink link it would be much appreciated.

I think I missed something in the drums - in Tutorial 2 the Kick track seems to be an Ableton sample, but in Tutorial 4 it looks like the Kick track comes from the Kick 2 instrument. It might not matter, but as a beginner I wanted to follow as closely as possible. Can anyone clarify? Cheers and great tutorial. Rick

Dope tutorial I wound up using your template to make a “cash me ousside” remix lol and to the dudes asking about ableton skins go to preferences-look feel-skins-disco.


He is using KICK 2 right from the start

cheers, Bryan

Hey @stuartcove goto > Ableton - Preferences - Look and Feel - “Disco” for that skin

Cheers Chris, but that’s not the Disco skin. However, a bit of googling later…

@stuartcove try this found it yesterday :slight_smile:

Actually checking again DISKORD have mentioned that the skin is called “Laser Focus” by PureAV

That’s the one. Thought I’d posted a link to it here, but it seems to have disappeared from the post. You need to give up your email address, but it is awesome, so let’s try again:

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