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Uplifting Trance 2017 with James Dymond

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This week Sonic Academy proudly welcomes back trance maestro James Dymond for an all new monster course in How To Make Uplifting Trance 2017.

Aimed at the more advanced user, this course gives us a real insight into a true professional at work, and over these 20 videos we watch as James meticulously sculpts and shapes every element of the track to sit perfectly in the mix and enhance the overall sound.

After crafting each section from the kick, sub, bass and percussion through to the FX, lead, keys, pads and vocals we move on to laying out the structure of the track before fine tuning everything to complete this epic and uplifting trance giant that has James Dymond’s signature sound written all over it.

This is a course that really delves into the depths of quality production best practices. Filled with tips and tricks from a master at work, it’s guaranteed to help raise the bar in your own mixes whichever DAW you’re currently using.

Go check it out!

NICE! Gonna start on it right away :slight_smile:

Absolutely stunning. James is a natural teacher and an incredible producer. Would love to see even more in the trance area from him and Sonic Academy in the coming months. Thank you so much!

Джеймс как всегда на высоте, наверное самый опытный из всех здесь представленных

А чего вокал провалился то?

annnnnd now,
this, is the moment that sonic academy fans around the world have been waiting for.

iiIIIT’s TIME!!!

Hey can someone check sample pack for this tutorial? MIDI files are missing and mid basses and audio samples are repeating in few folders like sub bass with kick in mid bass folder etc.

Its good to be back as a subscriber again. Cheers :slight_smile:

Wow Mr Dymond send the ball out of the stadium. Fucking amazing tutorial.

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Gotta love JD, good job with this course!

James frequently uses several of a given type of effect to avoid “stressing” a single effect.

What is this “stress” about? In what way does, say, a large boost on some frequency band stress an equalizer, as compared to smaller boosts on two equalizers?

How does this stress manifest in the audio produced by the effect? Or does the stress manifest in some way other than the audio (e.g. CPU load)?

Awesome tutorial. Great having James Dymond back. Perhaps we’ll get to see the likes Standerwick and Darren Porter on here someday :slight_smile:

If you “stress” a plugin, using huge settings, it may sound very “processed” or “unnatural”. For example, when recording a vocalist, I usually use 3, or even 4 different compressors in series. Every compressor adds just a tiny adjustment. The end result will be much smoother than if you would use just one single compressor with huge settings.

Great tutorial! James was super clear, concise, and detailed in his explanations. Certain aspects of the production process are difficult for beginners to grasp but he did an amazing job at explaining these processes and showing them in action. Much appreciated!

Awesome makes me want to use the Kick 2 plugin

Really enjoying this one… it’s exactly what I have been looking for… and enjoying applying the principles in Logic rather than FL Studio.

Hey Sonic Academy, any chance to get the Sylenth patches added to the Project Files folder for those of us who aren’t FL Studio users? Thank you!

Really nice…made me install FL again :stuck_out_tongue:

Josh Magee - Download FL Studio demo and load the project - it’s fully functional apart from saving projects - you can save off the Sylenth patches from there.

Really good course which helps to create a really good, clear and quality tune! In my opinion this one is one of the most useful trance production course!

Im not getting any sound when loading project 7. Percussion and up. I dont have some of the plug ins, might that be it? I get sound from 2-6 and my own projects…