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Vocal Trance with Craig Connelly

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Strap yourself in and get yourself comfy as this is something truly epic!

Sonic Academy proudly welcomes brand new tutor and globally acclaimed Trance DJ/Producer and A&R man Craig Connelly for an all-new HUGE course in How To Make Vocal Trance where he recreates his new single ‘Keep Me Believing’ feat. Megan McDuffee - ASOT 1010 tune of the week no less!

No stone is left unturned here as we go into every detail of the process creating a hit record from building a demo for the vocalist to work from and discussing the business side of things to building the final fine-tuned track along with processing and then mixing and mastering so it’s ready to be played out.

Created in Pro Tools the methods Craig shows us are transferable across every DAW. The sheer amount of pro tips and tricks included in this course are mind-blowing as Craig shares every detail in easy-to-follow steps as to how he gets his signature sound.

And if a 12 hour course isn’t big enough for you, there’s more…

We’ve teamed up with Craig’s label to host an exclusive remix contest as well!

Just click on the link above for more details and your chance to feature on Higher Forces Records!

Contest Ends 07/05/2021 - 23:59 PT

Omg I just got Pro Tool Ultimate on the half price deal from Avid! First Avid Pro Tools tut here on SA! Wow man so cool!

Perfect timing, Hey, your middle names wouldn’t happen to be Roger Lazenby Dalton Brosnan by any chance? See what I did there? yes, my jokes are terrible that’s why I work in music production thanks for the tutorial thank you!!! Pro Tools!!!

More Pro Tools!!! :slight_smile:

That is just awesome, thanks Sonic Academy and Craig Connelly for putting this together. The James Dymond Courses here where all top notch and taught me ALOT and now Craig Connelly, who actually brought me back to Trance like 2 years ago, man that is all i could wish for. Thanks again!

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Craig this is just awesome. Thanks!!


I’m a big fan of Craig’s music and I’ve been learning to produce for two years with the sole intention of making vocal tracks not uplifting stuff. The courses and vocals available are pretty limited and this course could not have come at a better time as it’s really frustrating getting the info on how and where to get properly started on this journey. Thank you so much!!!

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I’m up to the ‘finding a vocalist video’ absolutely brilliant so far. Cheers for putting so much time and effort into this Craig! Now time to fall into a blackhole and watch the rest :wink:

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One of the best courses ever and Craig is an outstanding artist. Many thanks to SonicAcademy and especially to Craig.

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Wow what an amazing tutorial! I had been searching for vocal trance tutorials for a long time with no luck, this was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much.

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wow alomst 12 hours this course it, Not a fan of AViD to be honest, but you can easily move the techniques to whatever DAW you are using.

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love the track and glad to have had the opportunity to remix it, will invest in a copy of avid pro tools so i can keep producing bangers like Craig

An enormous luck to have this incredible course by Craig Connelly. Thank you very much to Sonic Academy and especially to Craig. Really love all his productions.

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Great course, thanks ;)!!!

This course is gold!! I have learned a lot of information necessary to make a good trance.

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Love it !! thanks for the helpful walkthrough :smiley:

Totally worth watching, Thanks Craig for taking the time to show us these tips and tricks.

Hi! anybody knows where I can find how the sub is made within this tutorial? Thanks!!!

Awesome stuff, thank you Craig!

Great to learn so many useful tips & tricks by an artist that I admire so much . A big Thank you Mr. Connelly!!