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How To Use Serum with 7 Skies

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Regularly getting voted the number one softsynth in the world today, in this instalment of ‘How To Use’ we tackle the beast that is ’Serum’. 


Who better to lead us through this vast synth than one of the original factory preset designers, none other than ‘7 Skies’.


Over this epic 7 hour course, (yes, 7 hours on one synth!) David takes you through every knob, fader, matrix, FX and envelope of this deeply versatile synth. Not only that, but the last four videos are dedicated to creating some highly useable presets - showing you some real world examples of how to pull the best out of the synth that has take the electronic music world by storm.


Very nice! ...Now we just need a Serum discount for all Sonic Academy Subscribers ;)

I took another 3 months of SA because of this course. Great stuff! (and 7 Skies made me buy Serum in the first place ;))

He's doing a great job so far. I will resume tomorrow with the modulation video. I am curious what version of Serum David is using.

He is using version 1.063

Great news - hope you enjoy the next few months

Nice tutorial!!


Great tutorial- thank you! -
would love to get the FM8 wave sample in resources if possible?

Where does theFM8 sample appear?

Love the videos so far. One thing I think that could be a bit better is that main part the recording was made bigger (less background) so it would be easier to see on smaller screens (like macbook pro 13inch screens).

Hi Chris, it's in Tutorial 4 - Wavetables
Thanks for the Logic X files.

Man This is a beast of a tutorial! 7 skies has been a great addition to the SA team! keep them coming! very happy i know how to use this Synth properly now, ready to work on a new track! :D 10 out of 10! hey quick suggestion, i think you fellas should think about doing a how to make Bass House tutorial, like shadow child style, that would be very popular i think! just a thought though haha keep up the good work guys!

Learned a lot and bought Serum. Tell Steve to give you some commission David. ;)

It is my second silver pass after a gold pass, I tend to run out of tutorials (and/or time) to keep on keeping on. But I really enjoy the site. Adding 7 Skies as a (guest) tutor was a great move.

Fantastic Tutorial.. Where are the wavetables that he said were going to be available in Vid 17? Am I just overlooking the link somewhere?

I have a question. How can I set up Velocity sens in Serum? .. like velocity 0 --> volume 0. Velocity 127 --> max Volume.

This is hands down the most I’ve ever gotten out of a tutorial. Amazing

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I concur with all these positive comments. Amazing tutorial, thanks David!

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I watched this series a “long” time ago, it was actually the first course I bought/watched on Sonic Academy. Now, I am watching some parts again (especially the “create” parts).

The course is detailed and I also like the practical parts (“create” parts) in the last video’s. Thanks!