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I thought it was really annoying that the standalone version of Node has no Icon (at least on Windows), so I quickly made one.

This took me about five minutes. The fact that a big company like SA isn’t able to do this themselves in like one year this software exists is… well, lame. Like really lame.

Since I’m a “new user” here I can’t attach a zip file, and am only allowed to add one picture file to a post :unamused:
So I’m gonna respond to myself and drop the Icon file as a picture into the following post :unamused:

Icon file

Hey there @deepspace

I’ll be honest, it’s probably not the best introduction have seen here, but at least you made it to the forums, so that’s cool and welcome ! :smile:

So yes, there are some algorithms running in the background preventing new users to upload, which makes sense to avoid spam and keep this place nice for you & other members. Those so called “trust” levels will increase depending of your activities & engagement on the forums, and it could have been manually modified for you if you just asked :blush:

There’s also a “badges” attribution automatic system that will grant you with new badge after performing some specific actions like liking or receiving a like on posts…etc.

Here are some Guidelines to learn more about the forums in general, reading them will grant you with your first badge and thus increase this “trust” level. Pretty common stuffs on forums.

And here is a place where myself & other members would love to read more about you, what music you’re into, genres you like most…etc. Simply hit “reply” on the 1st post if you feel like sharing more about you with the community.

Now of course, it’s a forum and therefore a place where you can also complain or report things that aren’t working or that you find annoying. But let’s try to keep the positive vibe here :sunny: :sunglasses: 'cause it’s the way to invite others to answer you, starting with a straight :punch: isn’t that much engaging & I don’t think it’s rewarding anyone in the end :blush:

Now back to this Icon issue for Node under Windows : it has been reported to S.A already and yep, I agree it’s been a while now which can definitely feel annoying but if you think twice about it, there’s a big difference between a five minute time quick photo editing/converting + changing an app icon on Windows and integrate this within a full software and the installer files and rolling an update for an application. Next to that, as annoying as it can be, it’s not something major & preventing the application to work.

I’m sure S.A will come up with an update that will include this Icon issue at some point :slight_smile:

For the time being, let’s all chill out and keep the positive vibe going, again it’s everyone’s matter to build & maintain a great community and a cool place to exchange about music & S.A stuffs.

Hopping to see you getting involved and enjoying it as well then :wink:

Cheers !

I know this forums format pretty well, SA aren’t the only ones using it. But thanks for your detailed explanation :wink:

Ok, it might have been a bit too much of this >> :punch:
Let me explain. I haven’t used Node for a long time, more than half a year for sure. Yesterday I thought I could use it for a specific purpose. So I installed the v1.0.1 update first and then saw that it still doesn’t have an icon, after all that time gone by. I thought that’s annoying, and I still think it’s annoying btw.

Let me ask you this:
when was the last time you installed any kind of software that doesn’t come with its’ own icon?
And what do you think about it when you notice it? I bet you would think that’s… well, lame…

I’m aware that it might take a bit longer to add an icon to an .exe file than creating a shortcut icon.
But I’m also sure that 99% of software developers wouldn’t even think about releasing an application without an icon. Again, how often do you see this? And what does it tell you? Especially when you see that this little thing still isn’t fixed after more than one year. To me this is about “commitment”.
I’m not a programmer, so I don’t know how long it actually takes to add an icon to an application. But since it’s such a basic thing I’m pretty sure every programmer is learning how to do this within the first two or three weeks. So I’m estimating it would take maybe, let’s say one hour (please correct me if I’m way off). One hour compared to more than one year…

BUT: maybe what really annoys me is yet another disappointing update for ANA2.
This icon thing just fits the context perfectly…

I’m as chilled as anyone can be :beach_umbrella: :ballot_box_with_check:

peace :peace:

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First I’ve heard about this… will have a look in to it.


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OMG ??? Seriously :scream:

Check this topic, it’s been mentioned in several posts and that was at the early release days time. Been also mentioned in the FB group and I did mentioned this to Bryan as well, even after the latest update.

Edit : also in this one for the 1.0.1 beta BTW :blush:

Edit : Reading back the very first posts about this and one reply from Bryan in the “Can’t see Node Page” topic, it could be that’s there’s an Icon but just something wrong that prevents it to install or display on Windows.

And now this… OMG :disappointed_relieved:

Was replying to you when I saw this from Phil… and well, I literally fell on my ass ( which luckily doesn’t hurt when you’re already sitting on a chair :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

Seems to be a big miss in the end somehow… But well, looks like we’re now going somewhere hopefully :smile:

But OK, just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to reply and same story goes for ANA 2 update, don’t hesitate to share your feedback in another post about it, again that’s why the forums are here for.

Cheers !

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