Illegal Downloading Sites and Resources

Hi guys,

I’m putting together an article on illegal downloading of dance music, and i’m wondering what are the main sites/resources that you know of, where you can download dance tracks illegally?

A friend had mentioned there are a couple that he’s knows of, where you can download most new releases and also download things like the entire Beatport Top 100 in one single file - can you guide me to the right places you know of please?



Really? You are writing an article and it isn’t just that you want a bunch of links to illegally download music?

Posting links to illegal download sites is contrary to the terms of use here, regardless of the flimsy excuse that you have given.

Buy your music.

To be fair you could write an article about the state of illegal downloading without referencing the actual http addresses of the sites right?

What jon said, you do not need actual links to discuss the subject. Plenty of articles out there you can refer to instead, in fact plenty of articles posted on these forums about the subject…

Jesus guys can we drop the paranoia and the blatant jumping to conclusions that happen to be completely inaccurate, and just answer the question or at least find out some more info before you go shouting your mouth off and haven’t a clue what you’re on about!

Here’s some facts for you:

1- Yes i AM writing an article/blog entry about illegal downloading. I am starting a blog about dance music and i need a couple more articles to put on the site to launch it. As Illegal downloading is something that is very close to my heart (see below for reasons why) and something i feel very passionately about, i want to include a piece on this, as i think it’s really, really important and relevant for dance music and it’s future etc. I haven’t ever been on any of these sites that friends of mine have mentioned where masses of tracks are available to download illegally for free (i haven’t had any interest in them because i always pay for my music!!!), but as research for my article i want to take a look at them to see exacly how they work, and answer alot of questions i have, such as - i , what is the general quality of the tracks, how quickly do they take to download, who is behind these sites, what country(s) are they based in, is their advertising to generate revenue on these sites, how many of these sites are around, do you need to login and regsiter and provide your personal details to someone to download the tracks etc etc etc.

2 - I happen to be one of the few people that i know on this planet that doesn’t actually download tracks illegally EVER, that i intend to put in my mixes or play out. All my DJ friends have done it at some time or another - i don’t as i have too much respect for the music and the amount of time and effort that the producers have put in to get themselves into a position where they can create great tracks that i love and that give me pleasure!

3 - I produce myself, so i have much more respect than most for the music and the amount of effort that goes into producing it, therefore out of respect i never ever download other peoples tracks illegally - i spend alot of money on Beatport, Track it Down etc buying all my tracks - even when i know i can probably get the track somewhere else for free - i still pay for it!

4 - i never intended to include the URL’s of thes sites - but i want to go on them for a bit and have a good look at them, so that when i start writing about them, i know exactly what i’m on about and have done my homework etc.

In hindsite i can understand not wanting to list the names of these sites on this forum, yes that might unnecccesaily promote them - but if anyone knows of one or more of these sites and can help me out, i would love your help, you can just personally email me the URL if you don’t want to make these sites more public than they already are.

If anyone can help in any way please let me know.

Some of the stuff on Traxsource is criminal…

right…it’s actually really wound me up now that people think i’m trying to get loads of tracks for free!!!

the whole illegal downloading thing actually really pisses me off big time!!!

i mean, who the hell even starts a site where they post loads of music for free for people to download?

why would you do that? it’s just such a pathetic thing to do with your time?

Why why why?

Do they make loads of money from these sites or something?


alanluvsfunk - what do you mean about Traxsource?

just had a quick look at it, and it’s a paid site, right?

so i presume you are joking - is the music really **** on there or something?

not come across this site before so wouldn’t know?

Hahaha - Leave him alone Lads… he should have explained himself a bit more in the 1st post.

Ant - What a cnut - AGAIN :D

Sorry guys, maybe I am just an old cynic but I still don’t buy it. Maybe if he had posted a link to his blog it might of added just a fraction of credibility to the story, or maybe if he hadn’t then asked for the sites to be DMed to him :w00t:

Its a lot easier to type into google “free dance music torrents” if someone wants this information.

Okay, let me flip this around then as none of you seem to ever download tracks for free (good boys!)- what do you guys think of the current websites where you can go and buy dance music properly i.e. paid. - i’m talking about Beatport, Track it down, Juno etc?

Personally, the things that quickly spring to my mind are -

- i think Beatport charge too much for .wav files

- I don’t like it when i can’t hear the full track before i decide whether to purchase or not!

Just a couple of things to get us started. Let me know your thoughts?

When you think about it - sites like Beatport have an important duty to the dance music industry to make their buying process and service as good as possible, as the dance community is relying on them to help encourage people to buy their tracks, rather than just download them for free.

So it’s pretty important that these sites are as good as they can possibly be - not just to make their owners as much money as possible, but for the greater good of all dance music producers, DJ’s and anyone else who loves dance music!

So this is pretty relevant to the whole debate as well!

And if sites like Beatport are lacking in their functionality and/or service etc, anyone who loves dance music should be hassling them to make improvements asap, as they are one of the key pieces of the puzzle in getting more people to buy their music!

You could add another question to that…

Do you think that Beatport, in particular but other sites as well, properly classify tracks into their correct genres?

Take a look at the Progressive House chart on Beatport… Guetta, Afrojack, Dada Life are or have recently all featured in it with tracks that are, well, not Prog House at least.

Agreed - this is kind of my point - when you think about it, the ****ter the websites are that legally sell the music, the more likely people are to just download the tracks illegallly for free - all other things being equal of course!

I mean, another example is - the number of times i have clicked on a track to have a listen, and the preview of the track does not even play the ‘best’ bit of the track i.e. it plays a section where there’s not so much going on in the track, when there are other bits of the track they could have selected that are much ‘better’!

It’s just little things like this, that make me think that the legitimate websites are not doing everything they can to promote and sell dance music - the producers and anyone else who cares about illegal downloading should be all over them like a rash until they get their websites as perfect as they can be!

Its honestly a little naive to say that the websites arent doing enough to promote / sell music.

Its the downloaders who aren’t doing enough to buy it. They share it. They download it.

Its a huge market - its free - and thats why its happening. Not due to lack of effort or sh!t websites.

I recently started a new Label . which is taking so much work and effort to put Music out there.

I have to pay the Mastering Engineer, Cover Arts, Promo Pools, ETC. plus spend hours just doing marketing and consulting people. so yeah lots of labels put so much time, money and work. i know there is no money to make on running a label . but I love Music and i am true believer of Karma. taking free stuff dont just affect us , it also affect the artist and the industry . i know that Beatport can be expensive to buy Music , but why not try other sites that sell the track Cheaper??

just my Opinion .


I don’t so much have a problem with the cost of the tracks - even paying £2.49 for a .wav from Beatport is okay for me, i used to have to pay £6.99 for vinyl records, so even £2.49 for a track that i love is cheap in comparison.

The point i was making there, was that Beatport are charging more than anyone else for .wav files, which i think is not good for the industry, as it doesn’t exactly help to encourage everyone to pay for their music!

The more important point i was making, is that the online dance music stores, have an important responsibility to the industry to make sure that their sites are as good as possible, to encourage people to pay for their tracks.

LDF? :wink:

I doubt it is. I dont think he’d subscribe tbh…

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