Jerome Isma-Ae - Tiger Remix Competition with Jee Productions / 56

Sorry about this, unfortunately, that happens very often. I think that with those Remix Comps, the best way to do is to write down the submission date limit right from the start and use reminders in electronic calendar & such tools, but set the date at least one day before the limit, that way you’re covered. Might be one to think about for the next one.

Also keep in mind that while missing the submission deadline can be frustrating but at least you did work on that remix, so it’s never a waste of time IMO :wink:

I would like to say thank You to every one involved! Jerome, Alastor and the guys at Sonic Academy! I really enjoyed remixing this track! My idea was to give it a vibe similar to Tangerine Dream’s “Love on a Real Train”. Thats what the original mix reminds me of. Thanks to all of the other remixers. The competition was really awesome with almost sixty submissions!! Congratulations to all! We all learn something new every time we do this! Good Luck and may the best man win! Cheers! Rob - “Some College”

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HI I am writing this on 11th April. How come the deadline has passed but the date hasn’t

There’s a TIME limit as well in addition to the last day for submitting, in this case it was 07:00 UTC time on 11th of April 2020, meaning that the submission closed this morning. Again, it’s a very good habit to write down the date ( & time ! ) right from the start ( when reading the Remix Comp description ) and to set up alarms & reminders with a day ahead as a safety net. That would likely avoid any bad timing surprises.

Hoping we get to remix another Jerome track!

I went with a bit of a re-flavouring on my ‘Eastern Tiger Edit’ with sounds of the Middle / Far East - most prominently a Duduk adding a new theme over the top, complemented by a xylophone-like sound arpeggiating away.

As Some College mentions - this was a really great learning experience, and certainly looking forward to more.

Hi, when will the competition results be announced ?

Hey there @dj_chandru

Can’t give you a precise date, usually Remix Competitions results are announced within 3 weeks after the submission limit date. Jerome has to go through all entries and there’s almost 60 for this one, so it’s not an easy task to pick up just 3 :smile:

Stay tuned and S.A will make announcements about the results here & on their socials.

Good Luck everybody ! Some very great remixes in there as usual :slight_smile:

Hi Stephane,

Thank you for the information.
Will check back in a couple of weeks.


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Good luck everyone guys :wink:

Some really good stuff here really loving the tracks! And if anyone is interested in a Trance2.0-influenced rendition, do check out my version! More than anything else, these competitions force you to finish tracks and push you to do your best, which is what I’ve tried, pouring over 100hours into this! So if anyone wants to give any sort of feedback, I’d super appreciate it coz this is one of the best places to learn after all! Meanwhile, stay home, stay safe, and make more music!

Good luck everyone :))

Winners have been announced during Sonic Live stream 011 :
Check the online announcement here

1st Place :@deefrans ( Sean & Dee Remix )
2nd Place :@Dadas ( Dadas Remix )
3rd Place :@Subsidemusic ( Subside Remix )

As announced by @chris_agnelli during the Sonic Live Stream, @jeromeismaae has decided to release all 3 remixes on his Label, what about this guys !! Really awesome news for this remix competition indeed :wink:

Congrats to the winners & to all participants, almost 60 entries in there and very great tracks as usual :wink:

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Thank you guys!! Really appreciate it

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Congrats to the winners! Question: Is it possible to release my remix on my soundcloud-page?

Hi there @lucapluspetit

The answer is NO, you can’t do that it is strictly forbidden to upload your remix to any medias or streaming platform, this is explained in the competition rules ( check rule N° 8 for this specific point ).

Thanks for your answer! Because of this rule I asked :wink:

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Can anyone answer my question too?
Why we had to vote and none of the 3 winners are the people’s choose??? I do get that the 1rst place is the artist choose, But what about the other 2?why you put us to vote since none of our votes are in the top 3??

Hey there @mariavassiliou

The vote on the Remix Competition submission page is just an additional feature to let users choose their favorite track, you’re are not obliged to vote, people are just invited to do so.

This fancy vote has really no impact & nothing to do with the final winners selection which is only done by the tutor and/or Label.

Hope that’s answering your question :wink:

Big congratulations to the winners, some really amazing tracks this time around! However, guys at SA must consider providing some feedback to entrants - not an explanation - just pure feedback like 5 good things and 5 things to improve upon. Many of us are here to learn and improve. These competitions are just perfect way to improve and/or hone our skills (or lack thereof), but it just becomes a waste of time if we don’t get any sort of feedback here. Winning is not necessarily the primary interest here, at least for me, I’m here to learn and improve. We are all paying members of a website that’s made for people to learn music production, and it’s a real shame we don’t get an opportunity to learn after putting in so many hours of hard work!! Seriously, please consider track feedback!

Hey there @shubhra09

Here’s my point of view on this, I really don’t think that a Remix Competition is the perfect frame for learning & improving. It’s more something you feel ready or not to jump in and first of all it’s a good opportunity to challenge yourself. That’s might be the only the benefit linked to improvement, it’s never a waste of time though.

Now let’s face it, providing feedback on each individual entry & remix is simply not possible just because of the amount of time that this will required and most of the time it’s a paying service on it’s own that you can get from many production studios & some labels, because it takes time when done right.

Each remix competition has got it’s own page here on the forums, it’s a dedicated place for you guys to exchange about other’s tracks and to give feedback on improvement. Of course, it’s not really happening because it’s a competition with a potential release to win, so people are not very keen to provide feedback to others in this case, which is something understandable, but again it would be nice to see this more often.

Outside the Remix Competition frame, there’s also a “Track Feedback” dedicated topic here on the forums ( of course you can’t post link to Remix Competition there, it’s forbidden to upload your remix to any medias ) but for other original work & tracks, that’s a place where you can ask feedback.

S.A team as also started a weekly Live Stream on their YouTube channel, and you are welcome to send them links to original track and if the track is picked up by S.A, they will provide you feedback during the Live Stream.

More on this here : Live Stream Announcement!

For any Remix Competition, here on S.A or anywhere else, it’s a bit like sending a track to a label, in many cases just don’t expect to get feedback or even a reply, unfortunately that’s the real world when it comes to submitting tracks, better getting used to it IMO.