Kick 2 Out Now / 633

It’s been a long time coming, but KICK 2 is finally here!

Head over to KICK 2 | Sounds to find out more!

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Any upgrade offer for existing customers of Kick 1 ?!

It looks like its half off when I log in.

yes, upgrade deal for kick 1 owners would be great:)

Is there a grace period upgrade?

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Yes, it shows up as an upgrade if you own Kick 1. Just purchased for half off. If you own Kick 1, log in for upgrade pricing.

I’ve just logged in and bought Kick2 as an upgrade for existing Kick1 customers along with the Free Artist Pack. So its available for existing customers it looks like.

Q.? I’m a Gold memeber… Do we get discounts on the new Kick 2 if we don’t own Kick 1?

wow nice plugin ! It sounds very good !
but i have one question,… can i import presets from kick vol 1 to kick vol 2 ?
I hope we can do that.

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It´s amaaaaazing!!! Thanks guys!

Looks super great! I was this close to getting the v1 of Kick so Ill definitely be picking this up soon! Great work!

i just tried to import kick presets and clicks from kick vol 1, but it doesn’t work.
Or is there somebody that has it working?
I think i need some help :wink:

rockin cool so far

same question for me !

When i click section 4 with default wrote on it i have no blue boxes that show up. So i get no factory content or user content or DLC content. Anyone else with this problem?

Liking the gui maybe implement the same skin for A.N.A??

Yes there is a paid upgrade - from £24.95, applied automatically at the checkout

Kick 1 preset are not compatible with Kick 2 - though we do have all the original Kick 1 presets converts to work in Kick 2

thanks for the quick answering!

What about all the third party packs purchased for Kick 1?
Any way to convert them so they can be loaded on Kick 2?