Looking for some constructive feedback anjunadeep style (Updated)

A little update I’ve finished the track. I’m happy with it overall.

I haven’t made anything for a while. But I decided to try and make a Anjunadeep style track
I would love some feedback if you have time
A little update I’ve add some parts and changed some sounds and had a go at mixing


Hi there @fred29

Nice one and good mixing work IMO. Suggestions would be bringing that bass synth more present and a bit louder, found the kick quite sharp, therefore the 4x4 pattern takes really over your nice other drums sounds which are creating interest in the mix, so in the end I found the track more static when it could be a lot more groovy. Tweaking the kick & its level and also introducing a different pattern than the 4x4 one could add to the mix.

Nice work with the synths and those arps, like the progressive way they evolve in the arrangement. At some point when listening, I was expecting a bigger stab or synth sound, more epic and perhaps a bit darker in tonality, but that could be because of the lack of low end I felt when listening. A more pronounced break and transitions would also push the track further IMHO.

But overall nice work :wink:

In case you’re not aware, Sonic Academy now have a weekly YouTube Live Stream where Chris & Phil review & comments on members tracks. You can submit links to downloadable audio files via mail, just make sure your music is downloadable either on Soundcloud or using Dropbox or other file sharing services. If your track is selected, it’s an opportunity to receive feedback from them.

Audio file naming should be ArtistName_TrackName_FileName

More about this and how to submit here

Hope this helps :wink:

Cheers !

Thanks for your time tekalight
Let me just say I haven’t mixed this or added any fx or little incidentals.
I appreciate your advice and will make the changes.
Thanks if I get this finished this week I will submit for review

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You have a solid structure already, especially if this isn’t mixed and finished yet :wink:
So yep, there’s room for adding more & push the track further since the mix is very clear so far, which is a good point ( it’s more difficult to do when a mix sounds cluttered or already too full ).

A little bump

Hey @fred29

New Soundcloud Link is broken ?? You need to edit & correct I believe :wink:

I’ve updated the link now
I’m pretty happy with it overall

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Nice result indeed, like the track :wink:

There was an update on S.A website for submitting tracks to be showcased & commented by Chris & Phil during Sonic Live Stream, you can now directly from the website Sign Up