My copy of ANA 2 is broken, Filter envelope jumping to max negative when stopping playback

In Ableton 11 latest update, when I open ANA 2 and start and stop playback, the filter envelope jumps into max negative position. I have tried reinstalling, restarting my computer, everything. The plugin is currently unusable with this condition.

Video of issue in action:

Ableton 11.3.21
MacOS 13.6.3 (22G436)
M2 Pro MacBook Pro 16
Latest iteration of ANA 2

Okay, I found a post BUG: ANA 2.5 Ableton (press SpaceBar change the Preset in ANA2)

And found that the Midi CC had been written to the filter envelope. I don’t understand how this happened or how you even activate this mapping in ANA 2.

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Yeah, that was the Filter Envelope setting MIDI CC assigned to the keyboard spacebar causing this then.

Happy to read that you found and removed the MIDI CC assignment and got it to work now :+1:

It’s pretty easy to MIDI assign ANA 2 parameters → Right Clicking on a parameter and then selecting “Set Midi Learn” + Pressing a Key or Moving a controller knob/fader.