My track 'Rear View Mirror' now officially released today

Continuing the discussion from Rear View Mirror - Original Mix by Shazad:

I posted the above back in June, and am pleased to announce that this has now been released through Neostatics Sounds Label. My first professional release so, its available on Spotify and the main online music stores.

Here’s a YouTube link to the shorter radio version

Thanks to those who fed back and I hope you all continue to work away writing great music and to keep pushing yourselves. This was not easy, trust me :smile:

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Congrats for your 1st release ! :sunglasses: :raised_hands:

Thanks for the positive words of encouragement for others :sunglasses: :+1:

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Many thanks, if anyone needs any support or advice from me, then I’d be happy to help. One quality I would encourage every wanna be producer/DJ to develop is tenacity. Be tenacious and never give up (I came close so many times trust me). Just keep trying.

I honestly don’t know where this release will take me, but its given me a purpose to keep doing more and I’ll keep plugging away.

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