Rear View Mirror - Original Mix by Shazad

Just a new track, I’ve completed recently. Slightly downtempo and inspired the warm chicance sounds from his early days. Hope you enjoy it;. Let me have your feedback

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Cool track, nice melodic elements in this one :+1:

Suggestion would be about the beat and especially the kick.

Try to use a shorter kick, slightly pitched higher and reduce the kick volume.
Once done, re-balance the levels of the other drums elements to bring them forward in the mix.

Thanks. I’ve re-worked this since then and its also been signed up by a label. They’re mastering it for me and it will hopefully be released this or next week sometime on the main streaming platforms. The kicks were queitend down and I also softened the attack on the lead chord sequence and added a touch of reverb, it just sounded slightly on the dry side. Let’s see what magic the mastering engineer conjures up. The label is called ‘Neostaticssounds’ btw. They have some pretty good stuff on their beatport channel.

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