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Welcome! Glad you guys signed up, this site is awesome and I haven’t even finished my first 3 months yet! Love it

Hi everyone, first post in the forum! I’m 27, from London, been a music obsessive as long as I can remember - my tastes lie firmly under the enormous umbrella of ‘dance music’ (not overly fussed about sub genres - if I like it, I like).

Got into making my own stuff many moons ago, starting with crappy mashups and eventually progressing to not-that-bad mashups. Got bored of those though as I found them a bit restrictive.

For the last few years I’ve been producing original remixes (contradiction in terms??), which I absolutely love doing. Started with Cubase, now working (very happily) in Logic. I’m actually yet to produce my own, original track (not a remix of someone else), but it’s something I’d like to do.

Subscribed to SA a while back but don’t think I made the most of it, so very keen to this time.

Anyway, gone on far too long - look forward to chatting to you all.

yo…lets do this!:smiley:

Been mucking about with ableton live 8 on and off fo a year now, got Komplete, Trillian, Uhe zebra… and a head full of tunes…so like i said

lets do this!!:wink:

Just signed up so wanted to say hi! And also wondered if anyone could give me some advice on where to start? I am very interested in sub-genre DnB, loving artists such as NetSky, Prodigy, Chase n Status etc etc… My Dad was a pianist in London in the 60’s and played for some pretty prestigious and notorious people, i never followed in the Jazzie boogie footsteps though, but was mixing tunes from a very young age on software like Music and eJay :stuck_out_tongue: and now quite a few years later would like to take it a Lot further and get some of this creativity out of my head :slight_smile:

So do i go Ableton or Logic? And where do i start? I’v watched a few tuts but find every tutor have their own techniques and as a beginner find sometimes it’s very confusing and some times contradicting…

Any advice very welcome, Thanks. Matt

hello everyone looking forward to learn a ton from here!


Hello lets make some music!!

Hi, been doing this for a while but know you can never know it all so searching out new tips and inspiration from creative like minded friendly souls.

Hello everyone, My name is Avian, I’ve been learning music production for about a year now. Hope to add some knowledge to my music production techniques and contribute to others. Thanks and Merry Christmas to all

Ello! Looking forward to this. I even have my party pants on.


Hey Guys

Just joined today and looking forward to learning some new tricks and meeting like minded producers / DJ’s.



The Nightraiders

Welcome to all the new faces. Make this some very productive year :wink:

Hey all,

just joined a couple of days ago, absolutely loving the tutorials!

Looking forward to making my first track :slight_smile:



Hi all I’m Rory just joined! Been messing around with music for years without really learning all the technical side to it so I’m really looking forward to learning and meeting like minded people who are into the same type of music!

Welcome aboard to all the new faces! Hope you have fun and learn some stuff!

Hello to everyone. :slight_smile:

Hello, all. I’m on an electronic music making revival of sorts.

Started out years ago tinkering with Rebirth and bought Reason 1.0 when it first released. Back then I made a few simple tracks for handing out to friends, and then life just got busy.

Well, I got the itch once again, bought Ableton Live 8 Suite, and am absorbing as much as I can to regain some lost knowledge and pick up quite a bit more thanks to the internet and this site.

This is the best resource I’ve found on the entire 'net, and I wish it was around back when I first started learning about creating electronic music.

Hope to have some good stuff to share in the near future.

Hey Everyone, new user here. Been DJing for 3 years, figured I’d try my luck in production. Watched a lot of youtube tutorials but I feel that SA has everything I need in a convenient package (plus the fact they use Sylenth1 which is my favorite vst). Running on Ableton Suite Live 8, using Sylenth1, Novation V-Station and Nexus2.

You can check out a few of my mixes and mashups at:


hi everybody even the germans need to learn some stuff once in a while :smiley:

hope we all have a great time together and learn and share everything about the greatest thing man has ever been created.


Hello everyone,

My name is Marcel Visser, and I am from the Netherlands… Are their more people from the Netherlands? Soon I will post some stuff @ Soundcloud…