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hey guys, great looking site and really feeling comfortable here.

we’re 2 peeps from germany hammering out our tracks once in a while but we’re still on the search for the perfect sound, so we hoped to become pros with little help from here


hi - have just registered after seeing a few of the free vids :)  i’m an absolute beginner… will be asking for some advice on h/w soon if that’s ok?

what is the connection (if any) between Ableton and Sonic Academy?  i only ask as i am thinking of buying the Ableton vid course … wasn’t sure if the two are one of the same?

Hey Welcome aboard!

We have no connection what so ever with Ableton just happen to use it quite a bit.

Its the easiest DAW to get stuff going quickly.

Hi make music not war!!!:hehe:

Hey everyone! New member here ready to learn and apply what I have learned! I cant wait to soak everything up!

I heard making music gets me ladies and monies. So here I am.

But in all seriousness, just wanted to say hi. Looking forward to learning.



Hello from Detroit… New guy checking in. I’ve been Dj’ing for 10+ years and finally decided to take the leap and start producing. Thanks to everyone here for all the hard work and great videos!


hello my name is Robert Allan AKA SoundMutant Glasgow.Scotland looking forward to learning as much as I can really neat site here and have learned so much already can’t wait to get some class productions together been messin with electronic music of various types for 10 years + but always interested in learning more cheers :smiley:

I am a new member just trying to learn how to prouduce in ableton live 8. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hello everyone, I just signed up with Sonic Academy a few days ago. I had heard about the Academy before, but I recently went to Vegas (first time, bachelor party) where a DJ told me he’d heard great things. So far, he’s been right. I’ve only watched one tutorial, the beginner’s guide to making music with Ableton. I couldn’t be more pleased. Before, I was overwhelmed and confused by the program, but I look at Ableton completely differently. I feel like I actually have some ground to stand on, unlike before. I’m now in the process of going through the popstep with Ableton tutorial.

I’ve never enjoyed music as much as I enjoy EDM (been listening for two years or so). My first electronic music inspirations include: Ratatat, MGMT, Daft Punk, and Justice. But the likes of Feed Me, Wolfgang Gartner, Porter Robinson, Mord Fustang, and, perhaps most importantly, Skrillex finally pushed me over the edge and inspired me to attempt to make music. I can think of nothing greater. I love this stuff.

I have no musical background (aside from playing trumpet in the 7th grade), but I’m not going to let that stop me. With the aid of this website, I think I can make some good stuff. My first goal: make a song that my buddies and I can legitimately jam out to!

Glad to be here.

Hi all

finally joined after months and months saying i was going to!!

im a massive progressive and tech house fan and have been producing (trying) for the last year and a half, started out in ableton live, but recently switched to logic pro.


Welcome aboard… good to hear we are getting some props in Vegas! the DJ wasnt Trent Tantrelle per chance?

Not entirely new to Sonic Academy as I’ve been a subscriber since last year, but this will be my first post here on the forums.

First things first - Absolutely love the subscription model and always will. I’ve learned a ton since I joined. It gives me the freedom to check in whenever I’m looking for a few new tips and creative sparks to generate new ideas at a reasonable cost. Fantastic service in that regard.

Second, to the Sonic Academy guys running the show - if you guys continue to do live videos like you did for the first time yesterday and keep doing them somewhat regularly, I’m admitting to it right now - consider me a subscriber for life. I sat here yesterday in northeast Pennsylvania (USA)…in the middle of cow and coal mining country…and for two hours I laughed a lot and learned a lot. For somebody like me who loves the music and has been producing it as a hobby since the mid 1990’s but never really had a “dance scene” of like-minded artists or even fans of the music close enough to my location for my liking, it’s really great to have a more interactive and “live” community like you guys are experimenting with right now. In my opinion it’s a great way to bring a community together even when they’re scattered across the world.

Keep up the great work, guys.


Hey! My names Steven and I’m from Eastern USA. I’m really interested in music production and the beginner sonic academy ableton live tutorials have gotten me to learn the software at a speed that has blown my mind. I am totally going to sign up for the full thing, but I really can’t wait to get started on my own work!

Hi all my name is Ronnie Morris i am 29 and finally got myself Ableton Audio Suite 8 featuring the punch pad live controller and a midi Korg :slight_smile:

Just watched my first tutorial and was very impressed as I love my oldskool house . I am from Lisburn and have been a bedroom dj since 2001. I go under the name Captain as well though mostly at oldskool gigs .

Time to start producing I have lots of ideas and hopefully get a tune out soon .

Thank you.

Hello all…lookin forward to the learning curve !!


Hoping to really get to grips with making my own sounds/music. Started DJing way back and toyed around with Logic some years ago. I am looking to take it more seriously now as I have time on my hands so to speak and I know these things take time. I just don’t want to waist time and I’m wanting to get the best advise, thus why I’m here. Right now I am interested in nailing the beat. Understanding the composition of beats and layering of sounds to make beats. Drawing in and composing beats rather than hack at it. I want to be able to create beats that have come from my head or replicate sounds rather than serendipitous actions. Not that I’m ignorant of serendipity. I just want to be in control of what I’m doing as I’m sure most people on here do. If anyone has a tutorials they would recommend I am all ears and eyes.

Now to get productive!:smiley:

Hello everyone

Just wanted to stop by and say hi

I’ve been producing on FL Studio and Djing on Virtual DJ for about 6 months now and I finally made the switch over to ableton production yesterday.

Since it’s a completely new style of production I decided to start back from the beginning with the beginner tutorial series on Sonic…and now here I am.

Can’t wait to meet all of you.

Welcome aboard folks!!