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Hello there!!

I really like music in general. Half of day im going around with my ipod. I just love beatport, a loods of new sounds :slight_smile:

Ive really need new hoby as my cycling things ended with my knee injury. Ive decide to see if music making can suck me in like cycling.

I saw somewhere @ ytube i can start to learn using my own personal pc without any special keyboards or smtn. They use somekind virtual keyboards. Not shure if im right, but thats why im here.

is something what you could suggest to me at start? :cool:

have a good eavening.

P.S sorry for my english, thats my 3rd language

Hey people, been a registered member on this website for some time however, I’ve never really had the tools to begin producing music until recently. I’ve been a bedroom/bar DJ for around 3/4 years and I’m looking to expand my knowledge and maybe even one day produce my own music.

I look forward to speaking with some of you in the near future!

Hey all, I am new to this forum.

I come to you from San Diego, via Oslo, Norway!

I am into house and techno. Right now, I am really into Crosstown rebels, culprit, hot natured and superfreq guys.

If you are into the same stuff, hit me up! Looking forward to learn a lot and to make good connections!


new member just signed up earlier today, just saying hello!

intermediate producer looking to find new ways to go about various methods

Hii, I’m a Hip-Hop/RnB producer, but interested in taking part in discussion and sharing some music with you all!


Hi Sonic, Great vids!!!

I’ve had an account on here for a few months now but never really bothered with the forums, other then checking them a few times. My name is John and I’m an eighteen year old music producer from Ontario, Canada. I started off using Fl studio back when I was twelve, eventually I moved onto Live and now Cubase. As for all the DAW’s I used, I have to say that Cubase is my favorite because of the things you can do with it, I find it’s easy to use once you get used to it. My favorite thing about Cubase is the reverb plugin it comes bundled with it, I love that thing!

Synths I use

Sylenth 1

Refx Nexus (For Pianos)

Edirol Orchestral (For Strings)

I know I don’t use a lot of synths but I don’t have the money to spend on a bunch of synths, so I just use these three. I am looking to get a few new one’s in the new year though.

Hey guys, i’m new to the producing scene, and i will probably be most active on the forums and getting more into the mix in like 2 weeks.

I work with Ableton Live and am pretty new but have a good time learning about it. I do this as a hobby to keep myself busy as a recovering drug addict. i’ve been playing around with it for like a year or more but just started really diving in now.

I actually took a private lesson at dubspot and found this school. i may do some more private lessons when I’m in ny but since i live out in colorado i can’t do it as much as i’d like.

So yeah thats all it is for me

Hello everybody, MickDee here. Old school DJ and EDM lover and protector!

Hoping to touch base with likeminded individuals here.

For the love of HOUSE! :kiss:

Welcome to all new faces. Hope you have some time, cause there’s lots to read. Delve deep into this pond of knowledge :smiley:

Hey Guys/PPI’m new here, looking forward to learning new skills and helping others./PPI use Ableton Live and my music style would be classed as Trance 2.0 ie a nice blend of Trance and Electro./PPI have been producing for many years but currently in my first year of using Ableton. /PPI’m also currently working through a number of production classes for EDM at an online music college, so I will be sharing my knowlegde as and when I learn it/PPSpeak soon/PPRyan

Morning, gentlemenbr
I’ve being watching the videos and learning for some time now, and this place is unbelievable! I literally saved thousands of bucks finding this (dj and production courses are more expensive than university in Brazil)br
So all I can say is that I own all of you guys from sonic academy a beer, next time some of you come to the republic of bananas you can charge mebr
Thanks for everything, cheerss

Hello, been a member a short while now and just trying to find my way about making and constructing music. Really enjoying the tutorials and just tinkering away at Ableton Suite 8, trying to work out how best to put together stuff I like. br
Hopefully soon I’ll get to post something I’ve made for some feedback from you folks. Got the ANA 1.5 synth (absolutely amazing bit of kit), presets add-on and Ultimate Drums pack very recently so I’ve no excuses:) Some of the music people have posted throughout the forums is excellent so if I could even do half as well I’d be over the moon. Cheers,

Hi all ,br
I am an ex-club vinyl techno/tech-house DJ now resigned to bedroom and mixcloud sessions(+the odd party if I feel like it). I used to run an internet radio staion and have had local club and pirate residencies. br
I also spent a few years making Trance music on my trusty MC-505, and have done a few live performances in clubs. I have had a play on Reason, and own a nice midi setup, but don’t seem to have the patience to ever get past the initial created loops. br
For the last 10 years I was using PCDJ, which was all well and good (cue, mix, cue, mix ad-infinitum), but the wave of new technology, and the performances of DJs such as Nicole Moudaber, Sian, Chris Liebing and Richie Hawtin (to name a very few!) have influenced me into getting more creative in my
So I am now a Traktor virgin, and absolutely loving
Anyway, I just thought I’d say hi. br
I release a mix or two a month onto mixcloud under the moniker Pinkdino. These should hopefully be getting a bit more interesting from now on due to the new
Look forward to getting to know you all a bit better. You have already helped me immeasureably as I break in the new tech !br
I’m Ben, and I’m here to try and offer my help and feedback to some users on the forum that are struggling. I may add some product reviews and stuff too, depends on how much spare time I have!

Hello guys…i am new at this forum recently join this forum…i was wondering to see the superb stuff of the knowledge about how can i learn he basic tips of the music after a lot of struggle i find this forum…i hope you all guys shared with me more authentic knowledge with me…

Hello Everyone, Dj trying to get better.:smiley:

New guy here. Been producing for a while as a hobby but never can get the right sound. Hope to learn a thing or two.

Hello, pretty new guy to producing but definitely looking forward to learning as much as i can here