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Aright guys, meet and greet time…

Been daunted by music tech for years, so I finally applied for a music production course (nwrc Derry) and have started to get a grasp of Logic though still very much a beginner. Here to learn and eventually share some cool things that have stuck in my brain.

A big fan of the sounds coming from Warp, Ninja Tune, Planet Mu etc and currently pee-in-my-pants excited about seeing Amon Tobin’s ISAM show at Sonar in a couple of weeks.



Hello all! Very new to the world of music production! Just got my first MIDI controller a few weeks ago, although I am still having some troubles with coming up with a good bass beat…beginners block I guess!

Welcome to the site… you will be knocking out the phat beats in no time!!:smiley:

Hi everyone

I’m new to the site and subscribed yesterday. I was a house/techno/prog dj but have had a 10 year hiatus due to early onset tinnitus. I’ve dipped in and out of production over the last few years but got frustrated at my lack of progress despite reading a lot around the area.

I was off work recently for 2 months due to a foot operation and bought an iPad and have been amazed at what a few apps could teach me about music theory. I’m feeling more confident about this now and from what I’ve seen so far on this site I can honestly say I’ve learnt so much already- so much more than the books I’ve read. Fantastic work and thanks for the site!

Here’s hoping to learn much more, joining in with the forum and hoping to be more successful this time…

Cheers, Tom

Hi guys,

I’m not really what you would call a newbie as this is my 2nd term with S.A. :smiley: I have however only just stumbled upon this part of the forum so thought I would say “hello my name’s Carl and I’m a music addict!” :cool:

I’ve been DJ’ing for about 7yrs now and decided that I was tired of playing everyone else’s tunes and that I wanted to be the person stood in the middle of the crowd that was goin off cause the DJ was playing one of MY tunes instead! :w00t:

So this past year I’ve been trying to learn all that I can in the art of Music Production. I’ve been producing tracks in a genre that is totally out of my comfort zone and that I know nothing about, which is a bit of a gamble but actually feels very liberating!! Some of them have been getting some good feedback and others I have learnt valuable tips of how to improve them along the way.

At the end of the day we are all here for the same thing, to listen, to learn but most of all to meet people who share the same passion and help each other on the path to Musical Gods!!! :slight_smile:

[quote]en1gma (15/06/2012)[hr]

At the end of the day we are all here for the same thing, to listen, to learn but most of all to meet people who share the same passion and help each other on the path to Musical Gods!!! :)[/quote]

Well said sir ! Nice too meet yas all, been watching videos non stop since i found sonic. Really helpful so far and i look forward to learning more !

Hi all!

Hazxan here, been doing music on and off for far too many decades now! Mostly as a guitarist although I did produce some D’n’B back in the day. Couple of years ago, I wanted to make complete songs out of my guitar riffs. Found it a lot harder than I’d thought. Eventually admitting that ‘self teaching’ wasn’t working so started hunting out tutorials on Youtube and here I am.

BTW I’m a decent guitarist in my niche of funk/latin/jazz/flamenco. I’d be keen to collaborate with anyone who wants some original guitar in Balearic/Latin-ish styles. Here’s a couple of flamenco pieces I did a few years back, also got some latin/funk stuff done with my band on Soundcloud .

Hello everyone, hope you have a nice day.

Hello Everyone! I am a complete newbie in the music world but i have always had a passion for music. So here i am, Let the Learnings Begin!!! :smiley:

i Hope to get to know all of you a whole lot better, since i plan on being here for a very long time. Cheers!

[quote]Ashutosh D. Chaturvedi (09/08/2012)[hr]Hello Everyone! I am a complete newbie in the music world



and i’m sure you have tons of questions!!

there is a wealth of knowledge just on these forums. go to the top search tab type in whatever your not sure about and read up on some things. almost everything has been discussed at least once on here. hope this helps!!:wink:

Hahaha, YES, i have a ton of questions. It actually helps, thanks a ton, brother.

Hi everybody! I m a french music lover and I composed music on cubase since five years! I want to improve my knowledge of sound technical! Sorry for my ugly English !!! I hope I could be understable! You can listen some demo I make on my soundcloud:

Stream dipcrusher music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud

Have a nice day everybody !!

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

Looking forward to learning more. I started writing house & techno last year. This is my second tune:

SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds



Awrite folks!

Bit of a newbie here, been producing for about 9 months now and I’ve got a few tracks that I’ll post later on (didn’t want to do it right away and look like a spammer haha), I’ll probably get ripped to shreds :smiley:

Oh and I’m buying ANA next payday, so I’ll have a mountain of questions about that!

hello all!

show me the prog :slight_smile:

Hi all,

Im gerd from the netherlands (groningen) 35 years old

Back in the days i used to make music when house music just started

We used fasttracker to make music.

After a phew years i dicided to stop makking music until now.

and man does it amaze me?

Ableton, Logic Pro man the world has changed!

after playing around in both ableton and logic i decided to go for Logic Pro


Logic Pro sounds alot btr the ableton, things seem to blend much btr

the plugins in logic are awesome

Im currently setting up my studio and collecting everythign i need to make music (samples,plugins)

My current setup:

  • Mac Pro (desktop) with 64gig of memory and 8 terabyte of array diskspace
  • 2x 27.5 inc screens (will be 3 soon , wanna buy a apple screen extra)
  • Focusrite 24 external audio
  • m-audio and resolv40a speakers
  • alesis q49 midi keyboard
  • akai apc 20 controller
  • MX Studio mic
  • Ipad for aditional controls

    This isnt perfect yet , i proberly go for a btr club set of speakers soon

hey guys my name is Flavio and I have a passion for trance Im gonna make the best trance records this world has ever heard

mark my words

What’s up everybody- decided to take the plunge and get access to some solid instruction and hopefully help get me going on producing some cool stuff here at SA instead of dumping several thousands of dollars into a brick&mortar school.

I messed around on an old version of Fruity Loops very little a few years ago, but have grown a bit am and excited (and proud) to be working with a legit paid version of Logic Pro 9 on my trusty macbook with an Akai MPC mini.

Was inspired by a festival in San Fran to start making some dub/ambient/psy/D&B type tunes, but am starting with more straightforward 4x4 stuff to get a handle of Logic and its vastness (e.g the Trance tutorial I’m working on now).

Artisits I loved in the past (junior high/high school) that first got me into EDM are: LTJ Bukem, Underworld, Digweed, Orbital, Leftfield, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Massive Attack, Portishead, DJ Shadow, Squarepusher, Crystal Method (Vegas), and the like

Artists that are really inspiring me to right now, and that I would like to “aspire” to are: Birds of Paradise, Shpongle, Ott, Morphatrix(formerly Morphonix), Bird of Prey, Auma, High Contrast, Ital Tek, Opiuo, Tipper, Skream

Really look forward to benefiting from the vast array of resources at SA, and hopefully in time I can give back what I learn along the way as well.

Cheers ^-^  

Hey all brand-new to the website. Heard about it, love making music and plan on learning a whole lot more!

Hi Everyone…

Recently joined SA, and am impressed with the quality of training vids here… Wish I had found the place earlier!! Would have saved me so much time\frustration!!

Anyway… Live in London & into techno sounds, mostly on the more underground tip (Beyer/Bek/Slam), quite industrial sounds (Sims/Surgeon) but also some of the more melodic\proggy side (Sasha/Mull/Minilogue)…

I use Traktor with an S4 for mixing (but also have decks/vinyl)…

for the studio side…

Using Macbook Pro (2011)


NI - Komplete 8




KRK V8’s