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Hello, I’m Markus Shukz (Emiliaz) living in Belgium and since 2015 new music
:w00t: Thanks to SonicAcademy for being a Member… Thanks you guys!..:Dbr
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Hi guysbr
I am like a lot of you , new and need a lot of advice. I am from Nottingham and would like to get together and work with others like myself. just get in touch.:slight_smile:

Will be here to give feedback and the hope of eventually working on some tracks with people. Be it doing a mix of your stems or a full on remix, possible attempts at basic masters
My feedback will be what I think is wrong. I hate it on other forums when you just see loads of people telling each other that there beat is dope bro, lol!!! That’s not much help! I mean what is dope and bro??? I must be getting old!

Hello. I live in the United States. I’ve been making music for 15 years now but I’ve only recently become interested in producing electronic music with computers and software. Before that, I was more into Rock and Metal. Anyway, here’s to a happy transition.

Hello just found this site and have quite a few questions to ask. I produce progressive house music, at least I attempt to, and have had a few releases, but have so much scope to improve. br
Anyway, hello!

Hi everybody,br
I’m just giving a shout-out to everyone, considering I’m new here. I’ve been out of the field for a while (making music, producing etc.), but have decided to make my return. I remember having read a couple of posts from this site in the past (which I had found very helpful), and considered FINALLY joining it in the hopes of finding help buying a portable DAW system (ideally laptop-based). I’ll be posting that in the correct sub-forum straight after this (I hope ). :Pbr
I’m mainly a musician (guitarist, but I can also play some drums), and had studied Sound Engineering/Audio Production at a college a couple of years ago. I’m looking at getting back into the field, so this is one of the first steps I’m taking making my way back into the world of all things sound and music. I’m hoping this’ll help improve my skills and am looking forward to meeting some interesting and helpful people along the
That’s it for now I guess!br

What’s up! :smiley:

We are EDM Ranks, we welcome any artist, producer, and DJ to share their Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Youtube and more on our electronic music social network,
We are looking forward to being on the Sonic Academy forums!br

Hello I’m new here would really love to learn sound design from a complete beginner point of view.

Hi I’m new here would love to learn sound design.

Welcome matey!
Hope you enjoy the site

Hi all, relatively new member, just saying hi…on browsing sample packs etc…

Hi Chris - hope to see you around on the forums!

More than likely! Im making what will probably be my last concerted effort to get anywhere with music lol

Same here!

I know this site for years but decided to join today on a monthly subscription. I know i can learn a lot from this site. Enjoying music in different styles.

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Hi all, glad to see the comunity getting bigger :smiley: well keep up the good work!

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Hello! What a great site! I can’t wait to dive in. Glad I found it, albeit, accidently.

Hi everyone am new :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone nice to meet you and sorry for the longer post. And apologies if this is the wrong place to write this! The website and community here looks impressive and I’m excited to be a part of it.

I’m looking for some advice for an absolute beginner. I’ve been into trance for about 15 years now - listen to it daily. Unfortunately up until recently I’ve not been in a position to get into DJing or music production. That has now changed and I’m ready to dive in! I truly love the genre of music and have always wanted to get into this side of things.

My first issue is the equipment. There is a restriction with it - my job involves moving around the UK and Europe frequently. I can’t transport speakers or much equipment at all basically. A friend recommended a Pioneer XDJ-Aero although from looking online just now I’m not sure if these are still being sold? What do you guys think about this or are there better options out there? My budget is anywhere up to £1000. And in terms of learning the ropes, will I be able to do this just with headphones?

Second issue is the production software (I’m on an Apple laptop). Will only be planning to learn how to produce trance if that’s relevant. Any recommendations would be massively appreciated.

And any other advice on what you’d do starting out in my position or any beginner’s tutorials or anything at all I’d truly appreciate it.

Thank you,

Tim Hughes