Node Beta - Standalone crash

This is observed using the standalone version in Windows 10.

My machine is a laptop i7, with 16 GB of RAM.

  1. Launch Node.
  2. Open the menu and choose Init.
  3. Double click to create nodes. Mess around a little
  4. Go to the menu, and choose Init again
    5.Double click to create Nodes, again

The application crashes. I observed this twice.

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Tested this on my end and I can confirm this behavior with the Standalone version under Win 10 Pro 1909.

In fact this is happening each time you have created new nodes & revert to another preset, whether you choose Init or any presets from the Analog or Digital categories. You don’t even have to start from the Init preset to observe this actually.

  • Open Node Standalone
  • Create new nodes points
  • Revert to Init or any Preset
  • Try to create a new node by double clicking → Crash

Starting Node with Administrator Privileges doesn’t help either, same behavior.

Also tested under MacOS 10.13.6 (17G11023) High Sierra and no issue, only happening under Windows.

The only way to avoid this under Windows seems to be using the “Reset to default state” feature from the top left “Options” menu.

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thanks - will check this out, not happening in osx or windows 8 - will test in 10


can’t reproduce this …
windows 10 1903

edit: got it :+1:

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