Omg we are being played on asian network

We hope this is the right place to post this. We are so excited … Mr bobby friction is dropping “Hit Me Tumbi” on his show tonight on Asian network.

That is the best news we have had so far and we are so proud. Thanx to all those on here that took the time to listen and leave us feedback its been helpful and we look forward to more.

Once again just WOW! is all we can say.

Congratulations man you deserve it! ****en sick!

Thank you mate

we will put the sample up later today :smiley:

Putting the ‘WOW’ into Jap Wow!

Grats :slight_smile:

Awesome news!

Cool I can now say I know someone famous - well done guys

He played us again tonight … so excited :slight_smile:

great news guys! are you guys into japanese things? lol

japwow a new school partnership that brings you electro house music like you have never heard before. Thinking outside the box to bring you unique styles from all walks of life.

From blues and jazz to bollywood these producers/djs like to mix it up in a very unique way.

They came together in 2010 to bring you something new which hasn’t been tried before. Mashing up all sorts of music to stamp their mark on the house music scene in style.

Check them out for something a little different

well done

tunes sound good, sort of gramaphonezie style but different

well done mate :slight_smile:

Thanx dude we have gramophonedzie supporting one of them.

Just had a 3rd play on bbc and getting glastonbury play on 6 music this weekend … so pleased

That is absolutely superb - you must be stoked! Congratulations!

Congrats! Well done.

awesome :slight_smile: well done


out of interest, what was the build up to all this coverage / support?

You want us to be honest … We posted the tunes on here via soundcloud what last week i think it was.

Then set up a twitter account … told bobby friction we had a bollywood influenced tune … he asked for it and boom there it is … so a week after we drop our first tune we have had 4 radio plays getting another tonight and a glastonbury play plus support from gramophonedzie on other stuff and signing offers

Also possibility to be on the friction show as the introducing artists once we have more asian influenced beats

Just had our 5th Radio play … so excited … time to get bac in the lab and work on some new beats to show you all :slight_smile:

You can catch the new Japwow tune on Galaxy radio this weekend dropped by Andi Durant … its a VS with a mate … sample will be up soon in all its housey goodness.

nice, the power of social networking with good music