Osama Bin Laden is Dead

Was watching the Phillies baseball game yesterday and saw the news about Osama....

I think its gunna be one of those things in a few years, kinda like September 11th, where everybody asks each other, "Where were you when the news hit about Osama Bin Laden."

Maby its just me... but it seems like the country/world was in need of somethin like this.

Call it a pep rally from the man of the hour.


Saw this earlier… Changes nothing.

Another Martyr has been made.

A symbolic victory for some… a call to arms for more. Its not like a Chess game where you capture the King & thats the end… unfortunately.

Plenty more where he came from Mate.

Anyway… They dont need too kill / bomb anyone else. All they need to do is stop the Oil supply & destroy the west economically.

I’m fkn sure they’re working on it :slight_smile:

Save your breath for pushing the car :w00t: :smiley:

Yah i hear you ICN. Its def not over. 1 death isnt gunna change anything.

Still a billion other problems in the world to solve.

Honestly… when I first heard the news… My first thought was “Oh they are just releasing this now because of the election.”… Think about it for a second. Obama is getting sh*t on by the republicans constantly this year. The election is coming up and he has been losing public support. On top of that you have the birthers chanting in the streets that he wasn’t born in America and he shouldn’t be president. All of this going on, it wouldn’t surprise me if Obama and his political advisers were in a meeting discussing methods for him to get public support on his side… and they came up with Osama bin Laden’s death…

It’s been rumored for a couple years now that Osama BL was already dead and that the US had already killed him. Obviously nobody had reported this and it was deemed classified. If this were the case it would be easy enough for the American government to just leak a story to the press and say that Osama was dead. This is another reason why the whole “We buried him at sea” and “His body is unrecognizable” statements help back up my conspiracy theory. If he died a couple years ago, as has been theorized, then obviously his body is going to be unrecognizable… and the excuse that “we buried him at sea” just allows them to throw questions of “when can we see the body” under the bus and ignore them. It makes complete sense if you think about it. I certainly wouldn’t put it past a political consultant to give Obama the idea to create this whole situation in order to put public opinion on his side. I honestly think this is the case, and the government is just putting on a show for the world.

Thats how my brain works ICN!

Last but not least. I really want that cowboy hat obama has on.

In reality - “the whole not giving info thing” prevents a shrine from being built in his memory. Which is a good thing. Thats Psych Warfare.

And… If there wasnt Pic’s leaked of Marines doing something to his body… then it cant have been true before now

The whole thing is smoke & mirrors. Its distracting y’all from the real issues - like unemployment… debt… mortgages… fuel prices… education… healthcare… etc… All the usuals. So yeah… the timing is suspiciously perfect! LOL

Nothing like bringing out the bogeyman to unite everyone. I dont think its all a conspiracy… its just a classic.

Don’t care

You’ve changed Slender… You used to be so friendly & helpful

I’m with UV on this - its just another spectacle to justify the war in Afghanistan and break international laws on bombing Pakistan

Bin Laden had lost his power many many years ago - and was simply a figurehead - the people the US and UK etc should be afraid, of is the people we don’t know but that does not mean we should lock up any one with a beard

All this will do is make the US and its followers pat each other on the back saying we did it regardless of the financial cost and the amount of innocent people who have been killed - while some nutters somewhere will plan a revenge

So that’s why I don’t care ICN as you know I am only here to help others

You do care!?!

Thanks for the tip Mate… gonna have a shave tonight :cool:

this is how we roll in Philly.

I dont know why you Guys arent all friends… you’ve actually got a lot in common! LOL

handily buried at sea already

someone who hasnt been seen for years turns up just like that and is killed and buried at sea

“just like that” (as tommy cooper would say)

I hope your not saying Chekka its all one big lie - next you’ll be saying Saddam did not have weapons of mass destruction…oh hold on :stuck_out_tongue:

nah I think he’s agreeing to my post & statement. that he’s been dead for years.

they just figured out a way to release the info the public and put public opinion on obama’s side.

Don’t be silly UV when has anyone ever agreed with you on this forum :smiley:

[quote]ICN (02/05/2011)[hr]You do care!?!

Thanks for the tip Mate… gonna have a shave tonight :cool:[/quote]


They’re after you too Mussi!

Have a crack, sack & back Mate. Just in case! :wink:

haha I think James was converted the other day after his Royal wedding statement :smiley:

Thats why they are after him!

Heard they got a samosa recipe out of his bin the other day… that & the fact that his Missus wears a bag over her head… just one coincidence too many! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Ah you must have just missed me as I always insist her wearing the bag :smiley:

[quote]chekka (02/05/2011)[hr]

“just like that” (as tommy cooper would say)[/quote]