OSX Big Sur second display breaks Ana 2 and Kick 2 Gui


Wonder if anyone has experienced this issue…

I have the latest version of ANA2 and Kick 2 installed under the latest release version of OSX Big Sur and I have come across a very interesting issue.

In single screen mode (no mirroring or extended display) the Gui for both plugins renders correctly, tested in both Logic Pro X 10.6.1 and Ableton Live 10.

When adding a second screen (tested using Sidecar to an iPad Pro and secondly with an MPC touch) in extended mode, the Gui for both plugins will no longer render. It is a black interface in Logic and a plain white one in Ableton.

When using screen mirroring, the Gui will render correctly (albeit huge in size due to the reduced resolution of the second screen).

This issue at present appears to be limited purely to these two plugins in my library and it is strange that it is only a problem when a second display is used specifically in extended mode.

I don’t recall having this issue in Catalina, with either the Sidecar or MPC devices connected as a second screen which leads me to believe it is a bug in Big Sur.

Anyone else experiencing the same issue, and is there a workaround fix? I have tried adjusting resolutions of the separate displays and a complete reinstallation of both plugins following the guide for a clean removal first to no avail.

Hope someone can help.

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For anyone interested in this issue, I appear to have found the cause. This appears to be centered around MacBooks with dGPU cards.

It’s a workaround fix but I have found that forcing the Mac to use the integrated GPU rather than the ATI radion fixes the issue. Running the following command from a terminal did this for me.

sudo pmset -c gpuswitch 0

sudo pmset -b gpuswitch 0

The switches there are c for on charge and b for battery.

You can change the value to a 1 to force use of the dGPU and 2 to reenable auto switching.

My MacBook is a 2016 model so not sure if this will affect later ones but worth a go if you are experiencing the same issue I had. I would expect that a subsequent driver update for big sur will resolve this in the future.

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Thank you for your feedback :wink:

S.A team is working on upcoming plug-ins updates for Big Sur, they’ll have a look at this.

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Hi there, same problem here and the suggested fix won’t do the work for me.

I’m running Ableton Live Suite on a MacBook Pro (2018) with 3 screens (1 from the laptop and 2 large monitors) using DisplayLink Manager.

After running the Terminal command the fans of my MacBook seems to go crazy with lots of noise and one of the large monitors just stopped working. But Kick 2 still won’t show up.

Any other idea’s how to fix this ? Or may we expect an update soon ?

Thx in advance,

I’ll get back to you in your other post but as a side note here, the workaround given in a previous post by another user is for a specific Mac Book model, you shouldn’t run terminal commands if you’re not sure.