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Join us as we break down user tracks and discuss the audio industry in our Sonic Live show


Is there any way you could setup some sort of calendar invite for these or notifications through email?

I don’t really use Facebook enough to know what is going on. I have been too busy doing tutorials lately.

Hey there @cmassey

From what I understood the Sonic Live stream event is gonna take place every week on Thursday 8pm GMT.
For the 1st stream last week, a reminder email was sent before Chris & Phil went live, I suppose it will be the same for the upcoming live streams. Just log into your S.A account & make sure to set your communication preferences to receive all mails from S.A, once logged in just check this link in your account Sign Up

Hope this help & looking forward to see you there for the upcoming stream :slight_smile:

Cheers !

Hi @cmassey - As @Tekalight says, these shows will be every Thur @ 8pm GMT and we send out emails beforehand. Hope this helps.

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Thanks everyone, I really enjoy these. It is nice to see how well everyone else on the site is doing with their learning. ll of the tracks are exceptional, especially the fix my mix submission.

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