Sylenth by Lennardigital

I’ve noticed on the ‘Sound Like…’ tutorials, which are great by the way, the Sylenth plug-in is used a lot to create the sounds (like in the ‘Prodigy’ and ‘Twitch’ one from this week). This is frustrating if you don’t own it, and it is bloody expensive to buy, considering I’ve already forked out for Ableton, Reason and Logic. Is there any possibility of a discount being organised for Sonic Academy members so we can engage in the tutorials more fully? Not to mention it looks a great synth on its own.

contact them as i know quite a few guys from SA want this synth, they may give you group discount, they have done that in the past so its always worth a try right at most they can say no.they advertised it before, basically what they did was advertised it on there site and gave an end date the more people that chipped in the lower the end price for each person became, i think some of the guys ended up paying $25 or something silly for it.

Count me in on a group buy. I’m currently trying to follow the tutorials using Massive instead and I find it a little harder to program. I can get close to the sounds but the user interface is not much easier compared to Sylenth1.

OK - never done this before but it sounds promising. Put your name down here if you would be interested in participating in a group license from Sylence, and if there are enough, I’ll email Lennardigital and see what they say.

Well, sod it. I’ve jumped the gun and emailed this request to Lennardigital, the makers of Sylence:


I am a member of Sonic Academy (, where subscribers such as myself have access to a number of video tutorials demonstrating various techniques for music production. These tutorials frequently make use of Sylenth, and on the forums we have been discussing the possibility of entering into a ‘Group Buy’ of your wonderful synth. We understand that you have been kind enough to allow buyers to have done this in the past, and are wondering if this might be possible to arrange for ourselves. If it is, could you explain,

a) What we need to do to organise this

b) How many we need to sign up to get various levels of discount

Thanks in advance for your time with this. I have posted this letter on the forum thread itself (you can view this at ), and we await your reply with anticipation!’

Fingers crossed now that they get back with a positive. Still post your name on here if you are interested in participating, and I’ll post any reply they send back.


Yes also count me in…love the tutorials, using Zebra but I like the Sylenth hands on approach

A group buy is a damn good idea indeed

good for you lads. only hope they will do this for you.

Yeah man have emailed lennardigital  too maybe we could all get a good price on sylenth .

my problem being that i spent an absolute fortune earlier last year on software+hardware and really do not want to spend too much money on more for now! :smiley:


Count me in on the group buy!! I really REALLY want this Synth but can’t afford it at its current price :frowning:

Sounds like a plan - +1 for me too

Well - things can certainly move quickly when you want them to! I received this reply from Lennardigital today in my email:

‘Hi Ged,

I’ve contacted Phil from about this to see whether we can work something out for the sonic academy members.

Best regards,


So things are certainly moving forward! Let’s hope an arrangement can be struck. There is certainly the demand for it - the proof is in the replies and views this thread alone has gathered since we started it. Keep posting on here to show your interest - this can only help the process. Thanks for your support, and I’ll keep you posted on any more developments that are sent my way.

I :w00t: wanna have a sylenth1 too !!!

Phil, please check out the brandnew Waldorf Largo also.

This Monster Synth will be out next Week, and it sounds very fat, a little bit better than the Sylenth 1 ( best thing is that you have both :slight_smile: ).

And Surprise, i know the Waldorf Guys and so i think we can become a special Price !

Streetprice is 199 € !!!

Here is a short Sounddesign Video of my Friend Holger Steinbrink from Waldorf Music ! So you can check the Synth out :

Magazin |

If you are interested in , give me a short message…

cheers Chris ;):w00t:

Sorry, here is the Waldorf link !!!

Newsletter – Waldorf Music

At the moment it’s annoying me because i want to do the tutorials and follow them step by step but with no Sylenth1 I’m thrown!

Hope we can get this!!

Well, I haven’t heard anything since my last post with the message from Lennardigital. I have just been watching the ‘Twich House’ tutorials, and am REALLY frustrated that I basically can’t do any of it! ARRGGGGHHH! I use Reason as well as Ableton, and have tried to create the sounds on Thor, but they just don’t sound the same.

Come on you movers and shakers at the top! Let’s get it sorted!

In Thor you can Emulate the same Sounds as in Sylenth but i think the Gui of the Sylenth is much more intuitiv…

We all have to learn Subtractive Synthesis…:slight_smile:

hope phil and bryan give us a short message…

hi guys

what are you’s all using just out of interest?

anyone using abletons Operator?

whats the most commonly used synth between the lot of you. we picked sylenth because we thought it was generally quite cheap compared to other synths out there on the market.

hopefully we can get something sorted though for you


I’m using Ableton’s Sampler, and have Reason with it’s own rack of inbuilt synths. I’ve tried copying the sounds created on Sylenth in the videos, but of course they never come out the same.

Hi Bryan,

the Ableton Operator is Part of the much more expensive Ableton Suite !!!

I think the Sylenth1 is just a good choice !!! And i wanna buy it as soon as possible.

My favourite Synth is the brandnew Waldorf Largo for 199,- Euro, but i know the Guys from Waldorf and so i am sure that we will become an special educational Price !!!

My biggest Wish is a new Tutorial with Cubase 5 and the Sylenth1 and the integrared Steinberg (Waldorf) Stuff. All the synths in Steinberg are made by Waldorf ! Did you know that ? :hehe:

cheers Chris:)

[quote]wickedged (6/2/2009)[hr]I’m using Ableton’s Sampler, and have Reason with it’s own rack of inbuilt synths. I’ve tried copying the sounds created on Sylenth in the videos, but of course they never come out the same.[/quote]

I am also a moron. I am using Operator, not Sampler. I received it on its own as a special offer from where I bought it. It can be bought as a one off synth on its own for about £130, which is less than the Lennardigital website are offering Sylenth for. But I agree with the above post - I would love to own Sylenth simply in its own right as a superb synth. My problem is the price - a substantial discount is definitely needed…