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Taking our courses to the next level, here on Sonic you can now watch the track being made, download both the project and stems and then submit your own remix with the chance to win some great and exclusive prizes.

The How To Make Synthwave Remix Contest is exclusive, here on Sonic Academy and you could be in with a chance of winning some cool prizes and ultimately getting the first release on the brand new Sonic Academy Record Label!
We know we have one of the best music-making communities anywhere, and the level of production skillz coming through the forums is truly amazing.
So, ourselves and Bluffmunkey are super excited to see what you guys can come up with - we know you can smash it. You can now download the stems from this awesome tune and start working your magic!
We have shown you how to make the tune, now it’s over to you to get creative, make an awesome remix of this track and show the world your production talent.

Go get started! We can’t wait to hear your submissions.

So what’s a contest without a prize eh? Well if your remix of his track is chosen by us, you can win a release on Sonic Academy Records!*
But that’s not all, you will also win a massive £500 + ANA 2 + KICK 2 + Synthwave Sample Pack!

We will also have two amazing runner up prizes.
If you’ve created the second-best remix, you’ll win a £100 Sonic Sounds Store Voucher + ANA 2 + KICK 2 + Synthwave Sample Pack
The third-place wins a ÂŁ50 Sonic Sounds Store Voucher + Synthwave Sample Pack

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Remember to check out the course - How To Make Synthwave with Bluffmunkey - for the full lowdown! Available to all Subscribers right now!

This competition is open to all subscribers!

Contest Ends 24/06/2022 - 23:59 PT

Hi, don’t you have a MacOs version of the projet ? It does not load ANAx64 on Mac :’

Hi there @Melchione

The course - How To Make Synthwave with Bluffmunkey - was made and recorded using Ableton Live, so there won’t be a Logic ( or any other DAW ) version of the Project File available I’m afraid.

The course uses ANA 2 but does not include any plug-in. If you already own ANA 2, then please make sure to use the latest ANA 2 version on MacOS. If you have a license with us for ANA 2, it’s available in your My Account / MY Downloads / Plugins area.

If you have access to ANA 2 via Slate Digital, then you can download their own installer from their website.

All of that said, you do not need to use Ableton Live and ANA 2 to make your Remix and submit your audio track for the competition : the project audio stems are available for download, watch the course and use your own DAW and plug-ins to create your very own Remix of this track.

Should you really want to be able to use the project file, Ableton offers a 90 days free trial for Live I believe, but once again, the important bit here, is to watch and learn how the track was made, not trying to replicate, and then come up with your very own take :sunglasses:

Does point 5 of the rules mean we cannot use other samples from our sample library? “Cannot sample any other artist or any pre-existing works; tracks containing any samples or pre-existing works will not be considered.”


You can use your own samples if you have the rights ( sample packs & libraries you’ve purchased usually come with a single user license and rights to use them in your own productions ).

Point 5 essentially means that you can’t resample or use any audio material from other artist and already existing tracks.

ANA2 demo not available for Mac M1? I couldn’t get it to appear and noticed installer is from 2019. I can deal without it but just thought would be nice to try and load project with the VSTs

Yes, the available ANA 2 demo version at the moment does not include M1 support I’m afraid.

This will need to be updated by S.A team, thanks for pointing this out.

hope i can get mine in on time really into this genre

Good luck everyone!

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Hi guys, I really wanted to participate, this would be my first time in a format such as this, but I wrote an original track just for this…Can I submit it? …it would be a disaster for me if I can’t…

As the contest title says, it’s a Remix Competition, so Sonic Academy and Bluffmunkey are expecting entries matching this requirement and not original tracks : Bluffmunkey Synthwave track Remixes Only please ! :sunglasses:

Hey, where will be the winners announced?

Winners will be announced during the 2nd Live show taking place on week 4 ( should be 28th of June ).

You can check the all Synthwave Takeover Event program on this page :sunglasses:

Good luck everyone. I saw the contest too late (today)… Next time I promise to kick it hard!!.

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the emailer yesterday was only for people to submit their mix for the live show for feedback

still plenty of time for the remix comp - doesn’t end until the 25th

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Dang, missed the email to submit for feedback. This was the one thing I was looking forward to the most.

Sorry to hear you’ve missed the email.

Advice would be to check your email preferences in your account and make sure you’ve set the notification and also white list domain name to avoid S.A emails to end up in your Spam folder.

As I’m in Australia just trying to work out the submission deadline. On my end it says 8am 25th June. Is that my local time or Sonic Academy’s local time (wherever that is :wink: )?

Was going to try it out but my computer just can’t manage anything. I wish this was next year, getting a new PC soon and moving/packing things up currently. GOod luck to all, this looked fun!

@Bender from the Remix Competition Page it says :

That’s Pacific Time, so I believe you have to convert this to AES for Australia.

All of that said : don’t wait for the last minute to submit your track and think about upload time as well :wink: