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Tom Demac Volume 1

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Sonic Academy's Artist Series presents Tech Tips by Tom Demac. Learn the secrets of this producers production tips straight from his studio. 

good stuff.....more of this sort of thing please!!!!

made me realise i know nothing!!!!!!!!!

thanx tom.5 stars for the man with supersonic lugholes.:)

nice one Tom and Sonic Academy. This was a quality set of hints and tricks..really good...more producers sharing production techniques please SA...makes things properly inspiring

This is awesome Tom thanks so much for sharing! These tips have really hit on areas that have been on my mind for a while!

This kind of stuff is awesome! Cheers SA

is pink noise the same as white noise?

Nice one my man,learnt alot from the vids.Keep them coming :)

Great tip, thanks!

kick - where can i get the 808 sample and the 707 sample for the fat chicago kick tut? thanks

Excellent work! this really is the most straightforward help, more of this please

Really enjoyed these tips and learnt some great new techniques, so thanks for sharing them Tom. Ableton has so many possibilities and different ways of achieving similar results it&#039s really good to see how someone like Tom works........ More of this stuff please SA!

really nice!! thx alot!

Best tech tips I&#039ve seen. Thanks!

Great stuff... wow. Cheers

GUYS! is Pink Noise is the same as White Noise???

Thanks Tom!!! Thanks SA!!!

The Pink Nosie remix is the best!!

White noise is equal energy per frequency and pink noise is equal energy per octave.

top tipping tome