The groovy gang

Hi guys

Long time no see! Thought I’d check in to see if any of the usual guys are still about and unfortunately, they are! :wink:

Not been on for ages as I’ve gone and done it… I quit.

Just couldn’t do it anymore, got tired of waiting for it to happen and needed my career (real money…) to start. I spent too long waiting to “make it big” via music. Not opened Cubase in about 4 months now. Started my own web design business instead.

The dream is over as John Lennon said.

Aside from that I do miss you all!

Ahh Mitch - you are not serious.

You can never give up music Mate - Surely you have a copy of something on your laptop for your sanity?! :cool:

Sorry to hear that man - but lots of luck in the co.


Yeah unfortunately true. Funny thing is I was thinking about getting a MacBook for music production but never did it… Quit music… Then bought one for web design… lol

I don’t even have a single song on my laptop iTunes! I’ve taken up a kinda musical celibacy! lol

Good to hear from you dude! How’s your music going?

Going grand - Actually making stuff now, rather that making big loops all the time.

Just working on getting happy :smiley:

And right now… trying to remove the click from an organ. Love the sound, but hate the click :hehe:

Please stay jetty - you may have given up on music but surely not banter

…and I may be looking for a web designer next year - unless you give that up as well and go back to rent boying

Fckn quitter :slight_smile:

Yes - Missed that… A Web designer - Cool :smiley:

Do you also do graphic design by any chance?

Sucks to hear. Suppose this is what separates the men from the boys then?

Sex laws seperate the men from the boys :slight_smile:

[quote]ICN (16/11/2011)[hr]Sex laws seperate the men from the boys :)[/quote]

Now thats funny :smiley:

[quote]ICN (16/11/2011)[hr]Sex laws seperate the men from the boys :)[/quote]

Ha! I’m going to be using that one and pretending I came up with it! :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote]gavisthename (16/11/2011)[hr][quote]ICN (16/11/2011)[hr]Sex laws seperate the men from the boys :)[/quote]

Ha! I’m going to be using that one and pretending I came up with it! :P[/quote]

I thought in your case it would be the men from the sheep :stuck_out_tongue:

Sheep Dogs seperate the Men from the Sheep.

Oooh… Decisions, Decisions… too many choices now :wink:

Ye web design development and logo design. Drop me a pm if youre looking for anything.

And no, I won’t be quitting the rent boy job. Too many perks

PM sent.

[quote]ICN (16/11/2011)[hr]Sex laws seperate the men from the boys :)[/quote]


. :smiley:

Lol ICN best quote ever.

Tbh you shouldnt quit music, just do it as something fun and like a hobby. A huge pressure should be lifted from your shoulders as well…

Don;t the majority of us do it as a hobby - well I hope so otherwise we’ll need another section called Food parcels

I was chatting to a friend this morning who is fairly well known in my genre, has over 4k followers, djs etc etc - he and the label had a big promotion of his track with remix comp etc etc = and he only sold 24 copies - fckn mad

Tell him to get some fkn tunes then - LOL :slight_smile:

Well im guessing most do it as a hobby just original poster made it sound like he was relying on it and needed to move on for monetary reasons…