Three more tracks from Mental Pug

As I am allowed to post only two links, Ive made another topic. I hope youll enjoy the songs. Thank you.

He`s Got Sweg (Single - 3 tracks)

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Listen to your 3 tracks and despite I have to confess this is not my favourite genre, when I “listen” to music, I focus on the mixing result which in the case of your tracks is good.

You’re dealing with lot’s of frequency ranges and also transient and you managed to get very well balanced tracks in the end. That’s a pretty good job done and one achievement if you’re mastering your tracks yourself in the box.

Good work ! :wink:

Thank you.

Sorry for the broken links… I removed the tracks from every platform, and i think ill upload louder versions (even squished bricks). In the meantime ive uploaded a new brick:

This one i compressed the sht out of it and made it loud… it`s not competitive enough, though.
See the loudness topic.