Track Walkthroughs - Bryan Kearney - All Over Again Ft. Plumb Dark Dub / 1320

Bryan Kearney - All Over Again Ft. Plumb Dark Dub

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As part of “Super September,” we bring you another Trance legend to add to our expanding mix of pro tutors as Bryan Kearney takes us on a walkthrough of his epic crowd-pleaser All Over Again ft. Plumb Dark Dub Mix.

Over these nine videos, Bryan shows us that keeping it simple can still get massive results and that it’s all about having a good ear for the right sounds rather than being a grandmaster in sound design. Going through each element from the kick, bass, percussion, synths, vocals and FX, Bryan uses straightforward audio editing and transition techniques automating filters and effects to keep the track tense and moving along.

A rare insight into how a world-leading producer gets his sound.

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This was pretty awesome. So inspiring/Informative even though using a different DAW, even without those plug-ins.

What did you use on the sub to change the pitch from c# to e without loosing the quality of the sample?


Any video number and time frame pointing to what you’re referring that might help others answering your question ?

Thank you great tutorials

Awesome tutorial thanks! Can’t find that class kick on Unity Samples Vol 5 though?

Absolutely loving this course! So unbelievably informative

This may be the best course you have offered! Fantastic. Mr. Kearney talks about how the track affects the crowd. That’s the good stuff.

Enjoyed every minute of this - thanks Bryan

Awesome tutorial, explained really well. Cheers Bryan

Question for Bryan: Would you be able to share the compressor settings/values for the Korg MDE-X “Bass Comp” preset? Not sure if the plugin displays the setting values as a tooltip or not.

Put this together in two evenings with this tutorial ! Thanks again.

Excellent tutorial, was really cool to see how you put this together as it was one of my favorite tracks of last year. It’s pretty cool how less can be more in a track such as this one. Cheers.

Well done Bryan this was brilliant

please get BK to walk through one of his uplifting tracks . pleeeeease

Great tutorial with useful tips!

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even though it is the stuff like the remix of healing rain by bryan i prefer and will probly be making in that style this tutorial has been really helpful its just the tutorial i needed about the simplicity and stuff cool

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Great tutorial

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Excellent walkthrough! Thank you!

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Welcome aboard on the forums and thanks for your comment ! :sunglasses: