Trance Takeover Remix Contest / 129

@Stef Sonic, thanks for replying during the weekend.
I have followed these steps multiple times in different browsers.
The upload button does not become activate for me.


Hmm, yeah tried myself to complete the process here and I also can’t upload Mp3 or Wav files.

Seems there’s a glitch on the website or maybe it’s not fully activated yet.

We’ll have a look into this on Monday, thanks for pointing this out :wink:

apologies guys, should all be working now

Can someone inform what time the liveshow will be this week? Thanks.

@Deniz_Yukcen this should be announced on September 5th and it will be updated in the Week 3 area on the Trance Takeover event page here : Trance Takeover Event 2023 | Sonic Academy

Cheers :wink:

Liveshow is Oct 5th 8pm BST

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1- For the remix contest, do we upload the following type of file?
24 bit
44.1 khz

2- How should we title our file?


1 - You can upload Wav files yes, but high bit rate MP3 audio files ( 128 to 320 kbps ) is perfectly OK as well.

It will also take less time to upload MP3 than Wav :wink:

2 - For the file name, something like “Trance Takeover Remix Entry” is OK, your Username and email are associated with your upload anyway, so SA team will know who’s track it is :+1:

Hope this helps !

Cheers :sunglasses:

Awesome! thank you! :slight_smile:

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Woo! just submitted a work in progress :smile:. this is my first time joining a remix opportunity like this, grateful to get a chance to be a part of it and am looking forward to later today! :sweat_smile:

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3 incredible producers with lots of secret sauce. Couldn’t resist entering this contest!

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i cannot see any other submissions

also, I cannot delete or replace my entry…

You’re probably the first one :wink:
The Remix Comp is still in a early stage TBH, other tracks will come in time :+1:

Yes, it’s possible to delete your entry and upload a new track to replace it.

If you check the Upload Page, the words “delete your entry” below the Edit button is actually a link.

Hi there. Just tried to upload my song, but I’m not able to do so. Can you please check if it’s a general issue or just on my side?

Thanks and cheers

Now it was working again. Thanks.

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Really nice tunes from Faro and Sample82 so far. Really enjoyed listening to it.

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Would have loved to enter but I felt the window was a bit short this time around - especially if we want to complete Sean’s course before working on our remix?


Agreeing with rathsaw. Imo there should be at least 2 weeks of time after all tutorials were released. Unfortunately i couldn’t go on leave.


Wow, so many nice remixes there. Enjoyed listening all of them!


Like others said, not enough time on this one, could have done with an extra week