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I have been trying to get into the habit of finishing ideas and also getting the track into a structure which works. So that being said i took a track (Anahera) i knew worked into live and created markers to tell me what was happening in it. From that starting point of knowing the layout of that track it was a lot easier to then create core elements and ideas and finesse them into my project. to be clear my idea wasnt to copy anahera musically but to take its structures (Shout out to ReOrder for his tutorials on this) So i now knew what parts i needed to make and how the track would flow. Its a very efficient way of working which i would recommend. Aside from the Anahera idea i also wanted to create a bit of energy in the drums and bassline but not to just crank the bpm up to 140+ (its running at 135) I think i have achieved that. Musically, im sure its not the most original melody you will here but i was trying to take a simple melody and work around it. Finally, i am shit at mastering so if its clipping all over the show apologies in advance :wink:

Hi there @markshevlin

Sorry, haven’t find the time yet to go through this, I will for sure. I rather prefer taking some time doing it than just rushing with a quick listen :wink:

As mentioned before in another post, do not hesitate to send your track for a review by Phil & Chris during the weekly Live Stream, it’s a good way to get more in depth & expertise feedback on your mixes. You can also watch the past episodes to have a grasp on how it’s done & the benefits.

More about this here : Live Stream Announcement!

Will update you with my own feedback later on.

Cheers !

Hi again @markshevlin

Finally took the time to go trough this one :wink:

Also reading back your comment, so first thing first : yes, it’s a very good habit to take a reference track and deconstruct it to analyze the structure & arrangement. You can either use markers or track(s) with empty Midi Clips than you can color & name to make it more visible.

As a result the structure & progression is there in your track, so that’s a good point.

There’s nice sounding synths in this one, maybe adding a layer playing a lower octave would add contrast to them and the percussive parts. Everything sounds quite mid range and the percussive elements are very sharp & transients based, so a lower octave synth element would add to the mix IMO. It could be a supportive atmosphere element like a darker pad processed with a reverb. Another thing for the synths is that you should experiment with adding more reverb and automate filter cutoff more, that would enhance this part as well.

Percussion are nice, but again, very sharp ( which is accentuated by the tempo of the mix ), adding a bit of tail using reverb and delays to some percussive elements would create more contrast in the mix.

Now the real issue in this one is the couple Kick + Bass. It was working when listening with a -8.2 dB level reduction inside Sonarworks “System Wide” but taking this safe headroom margin off revealed that the Kick ( when full, not during the intro ) is highly distorted, very noisy & boomy, taking all over the bass. It could be an issue with your room not letting you hear the all low frequency spectrum but I think it’s more because your kick isn’t filtered and that you really pushed it very hard with compression/limiter. Since the kick is 100% mono and very high in level, it really covers the bass and takes over the other elements in the mix next to sounding distorted.

Start by lowering the kick level and cut out some unwanted low end in it, then re-balance all your channels levels to gain stage the all mix starting form the kick. If you start with the kick to loud, you’re going to have to crank up all elements and will struggle to maintain clarity and avoid unpleasant distortion. Also experiment with some subtle stereo spread and very tiny amount of reverb on the kick, it will help to blend it in the mix, it’s really too much in your face now I think.

For the rest, nice work, good point with arrangement and sounds choices, adding some subtle effects & automations to create variations and a supportive atmosphere element could definitely push the track forward IMO.

Thanks as always. ive mixed this down on a pair of 20quid headphones so i can understand why the the kick is probably not sounding as bad to me as to you. thanks for the feedback and i will apply your feedback and give it another polish :slight_smile:

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It can be helpful to playback the final song either on a kitchen radio, average Hi-Fi system or in the car after you’ve finished to mix a track on headphones, that will help to pick up those issues and to check how the track translates on different systems :wink: