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Understanding Mixing Fundamentals with Phil Johnston

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Sonic Academy’s very own Phil Johnston is with us this week as he shares a ton of tips and tricks when getting to grips with mixing.

Aimed at beginners but super useful for all abilities Phil takes an in-depth look into how to get your tracks to shine, focussing on what you’re trying to achieve when mixing your projects and how to get the right result you’re after.

We firstly look at the importance of listening in detail to other mixes we like before going through all the different processes and tools we can use to create space from EQ, compression, widening and balancing.

Getting the right mix can definitely make or break a tune and there really is a fine line between getting it right and getting it wrong.

A must-see for all those emerging producers out there!

Great course covering those Mixing fundamentals @phil_johnston. Was a much needed topic and expected course on S.A. Nice to demonstrate the all process only using native DAW plugins and to focus on this “end result” goal mind set using reference tracks. Thank you !

Really recommend this one to all beginners, Phil is showing solid basics techniques that you don’t want to miss when getting serious about music production. Those tools are available in every DAW and applying those techniques as well as getting used to this workflow over time & with some practice will get your Mixes at already 70% done.

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Thank u for explaining the fundamentals for mixing! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for explaining the fundamental frequency range any filtering above that range takes away the energy of that sounds. You demonstrate it in a simple way to understand. Great Video!!!


Great info

Very Useful

Very useful content and explanation!

Actually it’s all the same whether you gain stage to -6 dB or 0 dB as long as things are otherwise in balance relative to each other. Scaling to required headroom in master does not sacrifice quality in any possible way in the DAW world. For reference, see: DAW Headroom Test - YouTube

Sorry but this background music drives me completely crazy and it makes it way harder for me to concentrate on what Phil is saying.

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Yes I did think it was a touch too loud… will give the editors a nudge about it.

For some reason i cant open the projects in either Live 10 or 11, it keeps crashing every time

Hey there @djmattblack

Just downloaded the resources .zip file here and after expanding the archive both Mixing Course Clean.als and Mixing Course Mix.als open without issues here ( using Live Suite 10.1.30 ).

Make sure that the archive isn’t corrupted, suggest to get a new & fresh download and to use a different archive manager application.

Why Phil does not use the eq’s gain?

this was super helpful!!!

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Very useful course, thank you :slight_smile:

Very helpful information, thank you

Exactly what i was looking for

Hello, for some reason when I open the project files, the ‘Soft Piano’ (‘Pluck Piano Lead’ preset) from ANA 2 does not play at all. It seems it’s due to the 'Lush…Piano_05.wav file used in Osc 4-6 Sampler missing from ANA 2. The message is ANA 2 is ‘File Missing. Click to Relink’. Could you please provide this file for the preset?

In addition to the below about the ANA 2 preset not playing, I’ve just found one of the Main Leads isn’t playing either. It’s the one in track 23 (ANA preset Busted Keys). Same issue as below where the Osc 4-6 Sampler file is missing from ANA 2 - this time 086 Noise.wav.