***UPDATED*** How To Sound Like 'Tech Trance' ***NEW***

In This Tutorial we show you how to make a tune in a Tech Trance style made popular by the likes of Sander Van Doorn, Randy Katana and Simon Patterson

The course consists so far of 19 videos and covers everything from the creation of your drums to arranging out your full track!

Part 1 - Drums 1

Part 2 - Drums 2

Part 3 - Percussion

Part 4 - Arangement Setup

Part 5 - Bassline

Part 6 - Stabs

Part 7 - Synth Line and Automation

Part 8 - Vocal FX

Part 9 - Arranging To The Break

Part 10 - String

Part 11 - Breakdown

Part 12 - Pads

Part 13 - Build Up

Part 14 - Build Up 2

Part 15 - Sylenth Programming

Part 16 - New Breakdown

Part 17 - 2nd Riff

Part 18 - Arrangement

Part 19 - Warp Sound

Sample Files

Ableton Project Files


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Yes, what i have been waiting for. :smiley:

sounds really good bry gonna get stuck into this one and possibly learn a bit about programming the dcam synth as i work along with it.

on behalf of everyone that’s asked for this for such a long time many thanks :slight_smile:

Nice one SA! Now I really dont want to be at work :smiley:

I’ve been waiting for this

Many thanks

Does this mean that tech trance isnt included in the poll for august then??? SWEET!!!

Sweet as a nut :smiley:

Another top quality tutorial!


STUNNING!!! Thanks SA!!! Sleepless weekahead me thinks:D:D:D:D:w00t::w00t:

Good lad, thanks!

Fantastic Tut, Can’t wait for the Pryda tut, keep voting lads :wink:


Loved it

And it made me buy Vanguard and sylenth so now u have to feed my kids please.

i have read that properly haven’t i??? this is a two part tutorial? so we are gonna be getting more :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

u are indeed!

part two will finish the tune off. this one only takes you to the breakdown

man thats soooo great - i cant believe !!

thank u bry !!:w00t:

[quote]bryan spence (8/22/2009)[hr]u are indeed!

part two will finish the tune off. this one only takes you to the breakdown[/quote]

thats really good bry. its good to see that you guys really do listen to what is asked on the forums.

and luck in finding the next SA team member yet :slight_smile:

[quote]bryan spence (8/22/2009)[hr]u are indeed!

part two will finish the tune off. this one only takes you to the breakdown[/quote]


I have to be honest and say when you first started making the tutorials for SA I felt your approach lacked attention to detail. Phils trance tutorial really does take some beating. Not that its a competition.

Anyway I am happy to say that has all changed now.:cool:

The amount of new tips I have learnt, the level of detail and depth you put into this one is astounding. Everything seems to be explained to the point where there’s little or no ambiguity as to what is going on.

Thank you very much and I am really looking forward to the next installment and any future tutorials you participate in.

Much appreciated.

I have to say thanks again and I am looking forward to part 2.

It’s a great tutorial, well paced and informative to just the right level of detail

Another thought: I now have an excellent template setup for any tech trance projects - filters, synths, fx all ready - just rinse out the parts and save a few hours setup - thanks very much - Rakk

Awesome, thanks man.

Looking forward to checking this out this week :smiley:

is anyone else having trouble with the videos playing? mine seem to play for around 2-3 mins and then the sound cuts out and the videos almost go in slow motions.

i am running firefox as my web browser but i’ve also tried them with safari with the same results :slight_smile: the first video ran fine!!