Where is the update for v2.53 of ANA 2

Mac Updater Pro tells me that ANA 2 needs updating to v2.53. Okay, I thought, no problem, I’ll just login to Sonic Academy and grab the latest… Where are the downloads for registered users. Most companies have a User Area where updates are available. Not Sonic Academy, it seems, unless I’ve missed something blindingly obvious!

Hi there and welcome to the forums ! :sunglasses:

  • Latest version available to Sonic Academy customers is v2.5.2 at the moment.

  • The v2.5.3 version is available to Slate Digital “All Access Pass” subscribers.

  • There’s an upcoming v2.5.4 version for both SA and SD, that will be available soon.

Cheers and sorry if there’s some confusion about versions releases number :wink:

Please check this other topic here on the forums :

The problem is that if I attempt to download the 2.52 version from SA, the download tends to fail after about 200MB. If I try to download using the Slate Digital Installed, the download shows an error message pretty much straight away. Other companies provide the means to download many GB of content. Not SA, it seems. At the risk of sounding like Jeremy Clarkson :scream:, how hard can it be?? :wink:

Can’t experience any issue here, both downloads are completing just fine.

I’m afraid it might be related to your Internet connection if you’re having issue to download ANA 2 from both Sonic Academy and Slate Digital websites.

Have you tried to troubleshoot this further at your end ?

  • Running some speed test.
  • Restarting your Internet Router and rebooting your computer.
  • Cleaning your web browser cache / trying to use a different web browser.
  • Are you connected to your local Internet via WiFi and can you try to use an Ethernet cable rather.
  • Any proxy, firewall or other security software that might come into play ?
  • Any reported Internet outage from your ISP ?

Again, can’t experience any issue here and it doesn’t seem quite right if you’re having issue with both downloads on 2 different web sites.

In the last few days I have installed ~45 GB of Ableton Live packs, without any problem. Similarly, in the course of reinstalling my music related software, I have downloaded a similar amount of stuff from Native Instruments. You’ll forgive me if I cannot take your comments very seriously…

The 2 downloads again just a few minutes ago.

Screenshot 2023-09-14 at 14.45.41

Edit : Now of course that’s from my own location and Internet connection, it doesn’t mean you might not have issue but again there’s no reported issue with those downloads, we would have received other messages.

As for Slate Digital, it would be something to ask to their support.

Just messaged you in private chat. Let me know if you’re after the Sonic Academy or the Slate Digital installer ( The Slate Digital version requires iLok and an active “All Access Pass” subscription to work ) and I can try to arrange a DropBox or We transfer link for you to see if it helps with the download issue you’re having.

Cheers :wink:

I’ve just tried it using Safari, this time, after clearing the caches. I got as far as 600MB before the connection was lost. Interesting when I tell Safari to recommence the download, the download starts again completely, rather than picking up where it got to.

A Dropbox link would be very helpful :smiley:

I have also just tested, and everything is working fine. The problem will be your internet connection, as we have no other reports at this time. I’d check with your internet provider. Tekalight will endeavour to sort you out.

As I’ve mentioned, I am able to download from other sites at three times the speed and with no breakdowns in the connection, and i have done this a couple of times in the hour since I corresponded with @Tekalight

If the problem is my internet connection as you suggest, how come it is so selective about which sites it has difficulties? In other words, why is it so difficult to download from your site and so easy to download from other sites?

It’s definitely not the website but rather the overall connection between your location and the website.

You reported via the chat still having issue using the WeTransfer ( download failed at 700 MB ) and this download is not hosted on SA servers since it’s on the WeTransfer Cloud now.

The Dropbox download link I sent you will stay alive ( WeTransfer links expire after a few days ) so hopefully at some point you should be able to complete the download.

Basically what’s happening on the Internet is that different downloads requests will use a different “Route” and equipment, depending of your location and the servers hosting the downloadable files.

Each “Route” is passing through different equipment and network infrastructure and if there’s a weak or very slow node in the chain, the all transfer speed and stability will be impacted.

As a result, you might not experience issues to download from Native Instruments or other websites because the “route” is not passing through low speed communication nodes, but you might experience very slow or unstable connections when downloading from other websites. It’s not as easy as blaming the server hosting the downloadable files.

I experienced this myself when moving to a location in the country side with a rather poor and slow network infrastructure : the result was having to wait more than an hour ( and also experiencing drop outs and several failed downloads in between before it even completed ) for a download that usually takes no more than 2 minutes from my usual location with a Fibre To The Home connection ) :exploding_head: :crazy_face:


ANA v2.5.4 is Now available in your My Acount/My Downloads/Plugins area :+1: