Wishes for kick 3!

Hey Kick 2 developers!

Please add the option to have the amp env retrigger with every new note, regardless of the amp’s length, etc. Kick 2 does not do this in a clean way and for me it’s an issue - so if this could be added as a new feature in Kick 3 it would be AWESOME!

For info S.A Team :

@bryan_spence - @phil_johnston

There’s a support ticket reference about this here : https://sonicacademy.zendesk.com/agent/tickets/17440

So its in the work ? I can’t access the suppor tticket weirdly.
I wish it was possible to get to -36st for the clicks to repitch them. Would be nice for sound design

The ticket is internal to SA support, it’s not another post on the forums :wink:

Ok but its fine to write ideas there ?

Here are a few things that would make kick 3 just above the rest.

  1. Smaller dots on the pitch and volume control. Idk why the dots and text for the individual curve are so big… It’s not precise at all and you just cant see well when you have many… Psylab does it really nice but kick 3 should be an in between i think. You can get inspired by the great design of psylab.
    Basically more controls over the curve with more precision while not being as surgical.
    In the same vein i think the ability psylab has to edit a bunch of point together to move them and crop etc… is really amazing and its often missing from kick 2. But kick 2 is both windows and mac so…

  2. More control over the layering of the clicks. Its too few edits we can do inside kick 2 so i basically dont really use it beside making the main kick.

  3. More controls over the generation of the basic waveform. In a wavetable style would be nice to be able to dial different sub shapes

Yes, sure :wink:

Drop your ideas and features requests here on the forums :thumbsup:

KICK3 Suggested Feature:

If I have a sample for a Kick that I want to use in Kick2, I can load it into the Click section, but then have no control over the Pitch Curve. So, there are videos online that show how to match up the pitch curve and amp envelope to match the waveform of the desired sample.

That process is very difficult and extremely time consuming. I’ve noticed some fellow producers are leaving Kick2 and switching over to kick samples brought into a sampler instead; much easier and faster.

The ideal product enhancement for Kick3 would be to allow a kick sample to be brought in by the user and have Kick3 analyze it to quickly match the waveform with the pitch curve and amp envelope settings. Then, the user can quickly make it their own using the editing features of Kick3 from there, and this will maintain the value of using Kick3 rather than just switching over to a sampler.

It would also be fantastic if you added an A/B option like most other plugins have. So we can quickly switch back to a good version instantly.


Thanks for your feedback and feature request :wink:

For info S.A Team : @phil_johnston

that would be quite the feature…

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If I could have a wish come true, it would be the possibility to fine tune the frequencies. Like I would like to be able to tune my Kick to the exact frequency, like 43,65 HZ for F1. So, please let us tune to decimal values, like 43,65 HZ for example. I don’t want it to be rounded.

Thank you!

Sub cloning incoming hopefully…keep those elves busy now. :grinning:

Fine tuning! We need “cents” tuning. Right now I just see 1hz tuning. At F1 1Hz = 50 cents (approximately) this is too coarse. I need the fine tuning to align my kick and sub phase. This is a show stopper!

Hi Team. I’ve been using Kick 2 for like a month. The plugin is awesome!
It is possible to create a kick entirely inside the Kick 2, but I found there quite a few stoppers.

Here are the essential one:

  1. Missing 12 or even better 18db HP filter in the EQ section (I found that 18db HPF works best for kicks. 24db starts producing to many phase artefacts)

  2. Two Bell Curve points in the EQ section are not enough. One more point in addition would do the job. Three bell curves should be enough to remove problematic areas on a kick.

And some features just great to see :slight_smile:

More distortion types.

Thank you!

clicks are typically one ms long
whereas layers can be longer than that of a click.
Please change the click term to something more appropriate in kick 3
Such as Layer.
And please add a time alignment function for each layer so as to better align the layers.

VPS Metrum does this
Edit for clarity: in response to Suloo, it does the tuning to specific frequencies.

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Request: analyze existing (.wav) kicks and convert them into an Kick 3 preset

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Check Post 8 in this topic and reply below that post :wink:


Yes, looking forward to Kick 3 too!