How To Make - Deep House 2016 / 466

the kick is flamming

great tutorial

Excellent again I wish I had started learning this YEARS ago thanks a lot

This is brilliant!!! Thanks a LOT! <3<3<3

Great tutorial. Thanks a lot!

Very nice tutorial.
Easy to follow.




Hi Ian, I have watched a few of your videos here and on producertech. I find your workflow easy to flow and understand. Cheers.
I have an issue with applying groove. Everytime I apply any groove to my drums midi or vocals they all go out of sync and out of timing even though I apply the same groove to all. What am I doing wrong? Cheers

Brilliant, thanks a lot. I think I ahve some of your dream frequency tunes on Vinyl - think mind you. Cheers.

Outstanding course :slight_smile:

Awesome this, learnt so much

The best so far great stuff


Some really great tips here that I’ve not come across on other courses. The final track sounds really high quality. Really enjoyed this course, thanks Ian!

Awesome course. Half way done. Love your style.

Question… for those of us who don’t have the korg plugin (for example)… just curious, why not help out with a work around… perhaps include a sample in resources? i’m new here so maybe i’m missing something. Thank you!

Hey there @fingular

Resources included in the download section for each tutorial ( available for paid subscribers only ) will vary for each course. It’s courtesy of the tutor(s) to include their samples or presets if they are free to do it ( understand that some samples and presets might come from paid packs, therefore the exclusive user license they have for those don’t allow any redistribution ).

When it comes to any thing 3rd party like plugins instruments & effects, most of the time you’ll find the preset along the full DAW Project file included in the resources. That said if you don’t own the same 3rd party effect or synth, you won’t be able to load the plugin of course. Again, it’s pure courtesy of the tutor(s) to freeze tracks or include audio stems of 3rd party instruments but this won’t be the case in many tutorials.

The spirit here is more about how producers are working in real life in their studios and with the gears, plugins they choose to use. Best thing to do is to follow along the video tutorials and learn about the production process, if you come across 3rd party plugins that you don’t own, you might look for a demo version on the web, but the best way is to find an alternative that you already have and use it to recreate the process. Same goes if you’re using a different DAW than the tutor’s one, just learn from the videos and try to recreate the track in your own DAW using your own plugins : that’s indeed a very effective way to learn & progress IMO.

Hope this helps & clarify things about what might be or not included within each tutorial :wink:

Cheers !

Did you type this entire message for me!?

I appreciate the thoughtful response. All makes sense. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something. I need to increase my ability to use my existing instruments to emulate sounds as there is just no way I can keep buying new plugins or I will go broke.

I am very much enjoying my sonic academy subscription and play to keep it going.


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Hi again @fingular

:smile: LOL - Yes, I moderate the forums & try to help as much as I can. Don’t hesitate to leave comments & ask questions if something’s not clear to you in a tutorial.

That’s the right way to go TBH. Learn your DAW and the plugins & tools you already own. There’s also a lot of great free plugins available on the market, I suggest you take a look at Protoculture’s “Top 5 free plugins” series.

Just type in Top 5 in the search field using the top-right magnifier icon on the tutorials page.

It’s a great place to learn IMO, with a load of content covering all genres & levels as well as many cool tips & tricks and more technical topics.

S.A did a complete revamp of their website not so long ago, you should watch this video to get the most of the new features : Sonic Feature - New Site Features / 845

It’s also a nice community, the forums is part of it but be sure to check S.A YouTube channel & socials. Since a few month, Chris & Phil are doing a weekly Live Stream which is very entertaining to watch and they also provide nice content covering news & different production topics as well as giving feedback on user’s tracks.

More about this here : Live Stream Announcement!

You can also watch the past episodes either on S.A website or on YT.

And finally, if you’re on Facebook, there’s also a S.A private discussion group, feel free to join us there too, just don’t forget to answer the 2 questions about “DAW of choice” & “Fav Music” so that me or an admin can grant you access.

You’ll find the group here : Sonic Academy - Music Production Discussion | Facebook

Hope this helps & wishing you happy learning & a nice weekend :wink:

PS: No need to reply, let’s keep this area for the tutorial comments as it’s intended in first place :sunglasses:

Cheers !