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How To Sound Like Delta Heavy

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Haterade’s back with us once again with a brand new ‘How To Sound Like’ course, and this time he’s taking on the successful UK DnB duo Delta Heavy.

Using their epic track ‘Ascend’ as a reference and starting with a blank slate, Noah sets to work using ANA 2 to capture the gritty bass lines and melodies along with powerful, hard-hitting drums, awesome build-ups and chopped vocals to nail the UK DnB sound that includes artists such as Culture Shock, Metrik, Loadstar and of course Delta Heavy themselves.

Using predominantly stock plugins and including all samples and MIDI, this course is accessable for all abilities using any DAW, so check it out and get on it!


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Welcome to the forums and thanks for your comment ! :sunglasses:

I don’t see project file or resources?

It’s not a full “How to Make” course but rather a “How to Sound like…” course, so there’s no Project File or downloadable Resources included with this tutorial I’m afraid.

There was “How to Sound like” Marshmello and The Weekend, both by Haterade, that included the Project Files on Sonic Academy. And I believe Noah says the project for this one is or will be available. I can check. I think it was in introduction. Anyway, it’s always helpful to be able to study the project file and get the samples. All the stuff if great either way.

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Yes you’re right, this has now been added to the course resources downloads :+1:

Hope this helps !

Cheers :sunglasses:

That’s great! Thanks for letting me know. I really like Haterade. I do all his tutorials. I like all the cutting edge stuff he’s been doing. I also enjoy when he occasionally does the Marshmellow and Weekend commercial stuff. He is versatile.

Thanks for the update!

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course resources downloads is empty

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Hmm, yep still seems to be an issue ( 0 bytes size for the downloads ).

This has been reported to S.A team now, I’ll update you guys here when this is fixed.

Thanks for pointing this out :+1:

@Panax @Danver77 should be all fixed with course’s resources downloads now ! :+1:

I really appreciate that Haterade and Sonic Academy exist in the world. Thank you always guys.

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