Very Annoying Preset Switch Bug

I made a video showing the bug… It’s basically when I select the Artist DLC and scroll through the first presets and hit the last one. Scrolling past the last one makes it crash. I’m using FL studio 12.2 and a 64bit version of both.

i will have a look at this asap

Exactly the same
bug here… Windows8.1 x64 ableton 9.6.1 x64

What OS version / and DAW version are you running

I’m using FL studio 12.2 and a 64bit version of both.

The OS is win 10 (I assumed that was already was obvious from the vid).

i have the same video - YouTube

Thank you guys - this should be enough to go on - investigating here

I just want to add that i get the same bug when i skip the presets of the factory library.
And i have just update my intel drivers too, because i read about it in the other thread.

but after i have select the browser option to select a preset, i can skip presets with the arrow and it won’t crash.

Same in Cubase 8.5 Win 10

sorry could you clarify that for me again? i’m not quite sure i understand

Sorry that i am not clear, i am not english :wink:
Looks like i can brows and skip presets, but not in the Artist Presets vol 1 Diskord kicks…especially the last presets.
It seems like an error in the last presets in that folder.
Hope this video is helping.

Just use the arrow keys at the side of the preset picker, sooner or later it simply crashes (usualy pretty quickly). Especialy when in the DLC content.
Tested on Live 9.6.1 + Push and Cubase 8.5 Win 10 64bit.


Are you getting this when not in the DLC folders at all ?

It looks like you are only getting the crashes in the diskord kicks area ? Would that be correct

Hi Bryan, happens in pecussion as well…

Last patch in Diskord, Drop preset in Percussion. Theres a hell of a mix of aif, aiff and wav in them clicks folders. Wouldn’t be supprised if thats not where the problem is.
Thanks for looking into it.

Cool - just trying to determine if its patches or the actual cycling is the issue

Is “Snare 8” working for you?

Can you drag and drop the attached presets onto the KICK 2 interface and tell me if it works

The one labelled - no crash - should not crash (hopefully)
the one labelled - yes crash - probably should crash

Triller no crash.preset (555.2 KB)
Triller yes crash.preset (1.6 MB)

Snare 8 Works fine for me.

But Triller presets as above work as described.
No Crash = No Crash
Yes Crash = Crash

Cheers P.

What about this one?

snare 8 maybe crash.preset (1.8 MB)