Kick 2 v1.1 BETA - Please Read

Hi All,

Please post any bugs you have come across here if you are taking part in the KICK 2 v1.1 BETA


Please note, that your existing license key will not work with this BETA - you will be required to reactivate the plugin by signing into your Sonic Academy account - see Connected Features below

It is also important to note that this is a BETA version of the plugin - and may still contain bugs

This BETA will also make changes to your Graphical User Inferface files, so if you wish to revert to the previous KICK 2 build, you will need to reinstall the old version and possibly redownload your key to reactivate.

Changes in this build

Connected Features

  • Plugin license key management is now managed automatically by signing into your Sonic Academy Account
  • You can remove inactive devices (2 per month) using the MENU > Manage Devices option
  • Offline activation is also possible for offline computers
  • News feed visible to notify users of any important messages
  • Plugin will now automatically check for updates and notify User if one exists

Other additional features

  • Updated to latest library code
  • Added Retina GUI option - Automatically activates on Retina Screens
  • Retina also available when GUI Size set to greater than 100% (now an option in the settings)
  • Fixed some buffering issues
  • Fixed some inconsistent hit issues
  • The first 8 Nodes on the GUI can now be controlled via MIDI
  • MIDI Learn added
  • EQ colours now disabled when the EQ band is OFF
  • Presets can now be selected and cycled through without the menu closing
  • New menu drop down added - Allows loading of presets / Saving / Recalling of MIDI Maps
  • Fixed issue with slow GUI loading issues on Windows 10
  • Fixed issue with presets not showing up if Users HDD was case sensitive
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Not sure if it’s a bug or improvement request. But i thought you would be able to auto preview the presets with the up/down arrow just like the mouse click behavior. Would be nice to set Kick 2 to auto load a preset when you toggle presets in the full menu view. Or maybe could be done by adding a modifier like “CNTRL + up/down arrow” That would be great.


Nice to see that you still work on it !!
The Node automation is really a great add on
If I can suggest just one thing : the possibility to type the value in the length bar of the kick

Thank you for your amazing work !



will get that fixed :+1:

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Any chance of a automatable reverse button?

  1. I think that many producers would like to have the possibility to completely initialise Kick 2 and start from scratch with all settings reset.

  2. Multiple node selection would be great too.

  3. Is there a way to actually dial the length of the synth instead of only dragging the slider (plus, ⌘ and dragging isn’t working well)

  4. Snapping nodes (even the length slider) to bars would also be a nice feature.

That already exists - hit the big reset button next to the preset name up top to flip back to the default preset

Will include the rest in feature requests

Hi SonicAcademy!

I’ve been with you guys from the beginning. The first KICK was great; this second edition even greater. Looking forward to try this new beta version.

One thing I would much appreciate would be this:

Imagine you have made the “perfect kick” for your track. But you don’t want it to sound the same for every hit. You want it to vary. What if you had a function, where you could design 4 kicks or more to be played like a step-sequencer. I know you can just open more instances of KICK2, but I think it could be an awesome addition, making KICK2 sound more natural.

Kind regards

@bryan_spence, this reset function goes back to the default preset…the default preset is a preset designed from one of you guys at the team. This is not the initialisation I was talking about. I’m talking about something more like a soft synth. When you hit the init button or reset it resets the oscillator to a simple sine or sawtooth wave and it resets/deactivates all onboard effects. In your case eq, distortion, compression, clicks etc. This way we can start from scratch. That’s what I mean by reset/init.


Sorry my english is Bad.
Here a Picture

Download Beta1.1 64Bit Win (11.01.2018)
FL 20.0.5 (build681)

Have a nice day


Are you reporting you get this crash when you use the zoom control ?

clicking on these buttons, a couple of times collapsed daw studio one 4 win 10

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Hi guys, one thing that would be handy is to lock the main output volume when you browse throu different presets.
like when you are in the middle of the project and you want to try another kick, the default volume of the presets (at 0db) is way to loud. You need everytime to stop, reduce the volume and then try the preset with the rest of your project.

Also im with @ZodiacArts, would be nice to have an init preset that will contain nothing more than a sinewave.

Overall im super happy with Kick 2, great job SA!

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Got ya, might be worth just decreasing the Channel Vol outside of KICK 2 ?

I’ve noted the request anyway

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this is strange, it doesn’t look like your BETA v1.1.0 is loaded here actually - i expect the crash is happening because you are using the Graphical User Interface for the BETA, but running the V1.05 - are you sure you ran the correct installer / installed to the correct location for you 64 bit DLL

Hi @bryan_spence, yeah thats another option, but personally im trying to reduce the volume in the synth first as this is the source sound. the channel fader is post inserts. I dont want to add any further processing in a sound thats already at 0db. im trying to keep the level kinda low in the whole chain… :slight_smile:

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Have to say I’m with @Tolis_Q about this, since the very beginning I found the fact that having Kick 2 Output clipping in the red without touching anything a bit disturbing because yes, it’s the source and when you think about audio flow in Daws, it’s not logical to have those very high levels. It’s a bit like having some other soft synths or presets ( thinking NI Massive & Serum here especially ) and finding out that the presets designers did not took care about the master output level on the synth, a bit annoying.

I like to leave all my channels faders to 0 dBFS for mixing and I always insert a utility plugin filtering the levels at around -14 dBFS so this prevent bad surprise when synths plugins outputs are way too loud but yes, it makes me happy when I see that it was took care right from the start inside the plugin.:wink:

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quite a few of the presets are designed to hit into the Limiter to achieve the desired sound, which is why you’ll see some of them up there at 0db.